How to Improve Your Dog’s Quality of Life with Beneful

Pet owners all over the country are always searching on wikipedia for ways to improve the quality of life for their pets. To most pet owners, pets are not merely animals, but represent an extension of the pet owner’s family. These individuals invest as much time, energy, and financial resources into the well being of the four legged family members as they would invest into their biological children. The pet food industry has picked up on this advancement in pet care. They have discovered that pet owners have great concerns regarding the health of their pets and desire pet foods that will support the overall quality of life for their beloved animals.
For this reason, companies like Beneful have developed organic, health food lines for dogs and cats. Purinastore’s new and improved formula ( was developed with a focus on developing a pet food that would not only cause the animal to live a longer life, but would cause the animal’s quality of life to be drastically improved. Some pet owners may notice their pets becoming sluggish and lacking energy at odd times. They may not realize that these signs are usually caused by a insufficient diet for the animal. Dogs and cats are descended from wild animals that required a specific natural and organic diet. Beneful’s organic pet food are being sold online on Amazon is developed to promote the pet’s natural energy and livelihood to be rejuvenated. created the new line of organic pet food as a response to the overwhelming need in the pet community for quality and sustainable pet food. Many pet owners had began to research the kinds of foods that were naturally beneficial to their pets. These pet owners began to make their own pet foods as an alternative to buying traditional pet foods which are usually loaded with preservatives and foods that may be harmful to a pet’s digestive system like corn meal and byproducts. Beneful’s executives realized that this homemade pet food movement was beginning to occur more and more, and that is was not sustainable. This practice took precious time away from pet owners. This led to the development of a quality pet food.

Corporate Finance


Corporate finance is a vital area of business if a company wants to stay in business over the long term. There are many different ways in which a poor finance structure can affect the growth and profitability of a business. At the end of the day, the goal of a business is to be as profitable as possible in order to grow over the long term. There are many companies that have not been able to grow as fast as they could have otherwise because of a lack of financial planning. Brian Bonar is one of the biggest names in the world of corporate finance. He has been involved in several different companies at the highest level, and he knows what it takes in order for a business to succeed over the long term. There are many people that seek his advice on the subject of corporate finance. Here are several ways that any company can improve its corporate finance structure in order to position itself better for the long term.

Invest in the Future

There are many companies that only invest to meet short term needs or goals. The best corporate finance strategies take in to account the long term goals of the business and plan based off of that as a starting point. There are many different people that have been able to make huge strides in their companies by taking on this approach. Whenever a person wants to turn their company in to one of the best in the industry, they must shift their focus from what is needed now to what will be needed in the future. Brian Bonar is a great example of a business leader that has been able to do this in his time in the industry. There were many times that he knew large changes were on the horizon with various industries that he was in, and in order to stay in business he would need to invest in his company to be prepared for the changes.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is one of the most influential people in the world of corporate finance today. There are few people that have been able to succeed at such a high level over the long term in this area. With his various degrees of experience in the different industries he has worked in, Brian Bonar has been able to develop a skill set that few people can rival in the world of business. Anyone that is looking to change their corporate finance structure in order to align with long term goals should look up the work of Brian Bonar. This is one of the most important areas for any business and should be treated as such.

Improving the Financial Position of a Company


One of the most difficult aspects of running a business is the finances. There are many business owners that love interacting with their products and customers. However, when it comes to the finances many business owners do not know how to drive value. This makes it difficult for companies to succeed over the long term. With the competitive nature of the business world today, it is vital that business leaders understand the complexities of finance. Many companies could be much more profitable if their leaders took just a couple of steps in order to drive value. Here are several ways that any business leader can improve the financial position of their company.

Eliminate Debt

Debt is generally one of the biggest expenses that a company will have to pay each month. There are many companies with millions or billions of dollars in debt. With fixed expenses that high, it is crucial that their monthly sales are high enough to offset these costs. There are two key strategies involving debt that can save money. A company can choose to refinance the debt at lower interest rates in order to reduce monthly payments. With interest rates at record lows, many companies have decided to refinance their debt. Another strategy is to work in paying off the debt load that a company has. This is a goal that will generally take several years. However, after the debt is paid off the monthly cash flow will be increased greatly.

Effective Marketing

Another key area for companies is marketing. There are many companies that do a poor job of marketing to their customers. With all of the options available to companies today, there is no excuse for not being able to market to customers in a way that drives sales. Many business owners have never thought about whether the money they are spending on marketing is truly driving value in the company. This is a big area of opportunity for companies that want to succeed over the long term.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is one of the most successful people in the world of business today. Brian Bonar has been a part of many companies and has helped to improve their finances. There are many ways in which he has helped companies through the years. Understanding how to read financial statements is something that many business leaders are simply not able to do. However, Brian Bonar has always been great at finding out areas that he can add value to the business.

Nobilis Health – A Company That’s Bucking The Trend

2015 hasn’t been very kind to the healthcare industry. As a matter of fact, markets all over the world have been down quite a bit during the first 3 quarters of the year. Even still, there is one silver lining.

According to Russell Stanley, an analyst at Mackie Research Capital, there is one healthcare company that is going to outperform all other healthcare companies and buck the trend during the last quarter of the year.

What company is that you ask? Its Nobilis Health. Nobilis Health, a full service healthcare development and management company, owns and operates several surgical hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers in various cities throughout the United States including Houston, Scottsdale and Dallas.

Nobilis also owns two imaging centers, one urgent care clinic and an acute care hospital in the city of Houston.

In October 2015 their stock according to jumped by almost 7%. That’s a big move when you compare it to stocks of other similar companies. Even better, the move took place on solid volume. Though the stock had lost close to 40% in the first week of the month, this one jump was so significant that it reversed the downward trend.

One thing that sets this company apart from other healthcare companies is its ability to continue to grow in an organic fashion. In April 2015 the company closed on a debt financing facility in conjunction with GE Capital’s Healthcare Financial Services. This deal was worth a total of $25 million.

The purpose of the facility is to help Nobilis continue to grow by providing a new revolving line of working capital. It will also help the company pay back some of their current debt.

Nobilis Health also has a proven track record in M&A which is evident by its acquisition of First Nobilis Hospital in 2014. They purchased the hospital for $7.5 million in cash.

But they didn’t stop there. In September of 2015, September 23rd to be exact, Nobilis made another huge step towards their growth by acquiring a 60% stake in Freedom Pain Hospital. They purchased their 60% stake for a little over $3 million dollars and now have managing control.

There are many other trends, all of which have supporting stories, that put Nobilis Health head and shoulders above the rest. They have their eye towards the future and they know what it takes to remain relevant and successful during the coming years.

They understand the demand that has been created by an aging population and an obesity problem that is becoming more and more prevalent with each passing year.

And even though many investors are still undervaluing the company, Nobilis has proven they are a company you should pay attention to. If you have been sitting on the fence, now is the time to get in and invest in this company.

Functions of Economists like Christian Broda

Economists are quite crucial in enhancing developmental agenda of any nation. The function of economists is to study the production and distribution of scarce resources. They are able to achieve their studies through collection and analyzing market data. Economists should learn to analyze data from different sectors of the economy with the view to highlighting problems in advance and providing valuable solutions. Most economists prefer to work independently while others focus on collaborating with other economists. Statisticians and economist works closely in analyzing different data and deducing the right answers market problem.
Economists works in the financial industry focusing on analyzing the inflation rates, exchange rates, market risks and different market dynamics that affects the investment and trading objectives of a company, investors and the government. Successful economists study the socio economic impacts of new policies like taxation, new regulations and market changes. They then analyze the economic phenomena and forecast the different trends in the market. Economists have to apply mathematical models and statistical expertise in forming the right decisions on both macroeconomic and macroeconomic issues. In order to undertake their duties effectively, economists should have knowledge in using computers and different software that aid their research and analysis of data.
Economists should have diverse knowledge in economics and accounting. Proper accounting knowledge serves to boost the bargaining power of an economist while looking for job placements. Christian Broda on ireport.cnn is one of the successful economists in the United States. He has gained immense success in different fields. He has a PhD from the Massachusetts institute of Technology. Currently, he serves as the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management. His records of accomplishment show that Broda is not only an accomplished scholar but also a competent leader. He has been a Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. Broda has an undergraduate degree in economics and masters in the same.
In order to stand out as an accomplished scholar, Broda has published different articles and books. His articles have been published in respected and widely read economic journals like the Quarterly Journal of Economics and the American Economics. Broda has worked at the prestigious Lehman Brothers as a chief economist. Owing to his immense contribution in the field of economics, Broda has received numerous awards like the National Science Foundation grants. He was also named as the James S. Kempere Scholar of the year 2006. His work experience cannot be complete without mentioning that he served as an associate editor at the IMF economic Review.
Economists play a crucial role in enhancing the economic success of a country. Economists require competency in collecting and analyzing market information. Christian Broda is a successful economist who has a wealth of experience in the field.

Your Dog Will Love The Beneful Brand

There are many reasons why we should take the extra steps necessary towards assuring our loved pets that they will live a full life of high quality and well-being. After their hard word and loyalty to us, it is only right that we serve them the same way they serve us. Dogs are known to be some of the most loyal creatures on earth. Therefore, it is always one of our greatest responsibilities to ensure that we make the right choices when it comes to maintaining their overall health.

A great aspect of treating our pets in a loving and caring manner is ensuring that they are provided with the best qualities of foods on a daily basis. Just like us humans, dogs require quite a bit of upkeep when it comes to their health. The food a dog eats greatly determines whether or not they are considered healthy or not. Unfortunately, many dog owners do not take the initiative towards ensuring that their pet(s) are given an adequate amount of nutrients and minerals contained within their foods. By feeding your dog foods that are considered as being high in nutritional value, you and your pet(s) will be able to reap the benefits of him/her living a full life. Losing a pet at a young age has devastating effects on all those who were affected by him/her at any point in their life. By feeding your dog(s) foods full of high nutritional value, you will be doing your pet(s) one of the greatest favors in life.

Beneful is a food brand that has proven itself in today’s competitive market. With a multitude of tasty flavors to choose from, Beneful is certainly a brand that offers its customers a mix of varieties. The variety of foods consists of different sources of proteins, such as lamb, chicken, pork and beef. Textures vary as well, from chopped thinly diced blends to large chunks of “hearty roasters”- all of which are offered with real ingredients that are evident to the eyes. Accents like rice, carrots, green beans and barley are available in convenient sizes for your canine pals. The Beneful food offers twenty wholesome varieties as prepared meals, from medleys to chopped blen and more. Why not provide your dog with a food they will not only love to eat, but also one of which their health will greatly benefit from as well?

Drinking Water After a Massage Won’t Hurt You, But it Probably Won’t Help You Either

Massage has been used as therapeutic practice for thousands of years, providing a way to get rid of everyday stresses while also helping to rid your body of harmful chemicals, such as cortisol which is commonly referred to as the stress hormone according to Jim Dondero. Some have claimed the beneficial effects of getting a massage might be enhanced by drinking water afterwards by getting rid of other possible toxins in the body.

However, mainstream scientists have not yet backed up these claims with research and many deny that drinking water is in any way helpful after receiving a massage. Although, it certainly isn’t harmful to enjoy a cold glass of water either.

Furthermore, most scientists do not believe massage causes toxins to be released from the body, a commonly held belief by those in the industry. But science doesn’t understand everything, there is a reason why massage has been perfected over many centuries with people claiming to enjoy a wide variety of benefits from getting one regularly.

So, just because science has not proved it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Science is not flawless either, mistakes are made every day. The placebo effect for example has been widely documents which means If someone believes drinking a glass of water after a massage helps to further reduce toxins in there body, toxins are more likely to be flushed out due to their strong belief. It’s certainly better for you than seeking relaxation at the local watering hole.