Was Wen a Win?

WEN hair is a conditioning cleanser on the market today. This product was created by Chaz Dean. It is a conditioner that cleanses while nourishing the hair. One of the unique things about Wen is that its non-lather. The creator of Wen believes this makes Wen far less damaging than traditional shampoo.

Wen has a unique fragrance called sephora sweet almond mint. There is a recommended amount to use based on the length of your hair. It is applied when wet and massaged into the hair and scalp. There have been multiple testimonies and reviews of the product posted on sites like Guthy-Renker.

On Bustle.com the product was put to the test for one week. The plan was for Emily Mcclure to use Wen hair daily for a week. After the first wash she reports the hair felt full and thick. However by morning when trying to rush out the door she found her hair to be oily. This was a continued theme throughout the trial. After day two she was washing her hair in the morning before being able to leave due to the oiliness. Immediately after washing and styling she was extremely happy with the results. Claims to have had shinier and thicker hair per the compliments she received.
Through her trial with Wen by Chaz she learned her hair felt and looked great while using Wen! Though she did need to shampoo every morning as opposed to in the evening she was happy with the overall results. The product was recommended for those who wash and style every morning. While she was pleased she did not think the product would be best for those who prefer to wash in the evening or are more spontaneous in their washing and styling.

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Brian Torchin: Healthcare With a Personal Touch

Brian Torchin is located in Philadelphia, Pa, and is the CEO of HCRC Staffing. He is in charge of taking care of many medical offices in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida areas. He is a man that knows how to find the right people for the right job. He has a personal touch that separates him for others in his field. It makes him stand head and shoulders above the competition and it is why so many rely on him and count on him to get the best service possible. He has a top-notch staff of physicians, doctors of chiropractic, physician assistants, and physical therapists. He only gets the best and doesn’t settle for anything less.  Considering his medical background, Brian Torchin is the perfect person for this type of work.

The thing about Brian is he understands that health care is missing a personal touch. Too often, at other places, it is an assembly line where you get people in and get people out as soon as possible. That’s not how he operates and he refuses to run any offices that way. He wants you to feel special and have you walking out of one of his offices with a smile on your face. He puts the clients and the customers first. He knows that when you are in pain, discomfort, or not feeling well, the last thing you need is hassle. You also don’t need people that don’t know what they are doing or are just plain rude to you.

He has made it his personal mission to staff people that have a gentle, loving, and kind touch. They are people that know how to talk to people, find out what is wrong, and get to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible. They don’t treat you like a customer. They treat you like a friend or family. They go above and beyond the call of duty. It all starts with Brian and his keen eye for talent. He knows it when he sees it. He has a gut feeling in terms of who is going to work and who isn’t going to work out. He has experience to back up his convictions.  Have a look at Postings.com for Brian’s up to date job listings.

John Goullet: Continued Success At Diversant

Diversant is an IT solutions and staffing firm that works with fortune 500 companies across America. The firm is also recognized as the largest African American owned firm of its type in the United States. Diversant works with companies in various industries, including healthcare, telecommunications, retail, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, manufacturing, insurance, information technology, government, energy, financial services and banking. The firm is best known for its IT staffing services. They can provide individuals for temporary or permanent placement and Diversant allows companies to try out a new hire for a week before paying Diversant their fee.

Diversant also offers User Experience Design. This is a fairly new field that Diversant has jumped into. The firm saw that the idea of audiences interacting with companies was becoming more personal. They have a division that helps companies to create programs to connect with customers and potential customers.

Another major goal of Diversant is to increase diversity in all workplaces. The firm sees the benefit of having people from different backgrounds with different ideas and different ways of thinking. If more companies had more diverse personnel, more innovation would happen and better solutions would be created. Diversant has 3 specific programs that it works with to ensure diversity. 2 of the programs are for veterans, STAR and NOVA and the third is the Minority Business Enterprise.

One of the men that is serving at the helm of this firm is John Goullet. Goullet is a graduate of Ursinus College. After graduating, he want on to work as an IT consultant for various companies for about a decade. After getting experience in the industry and getting an inside look at IT staffing at various companies, Goullet decided it was time to start his own firm. Info Technologies is what was created and within a few short years, it was worth 30 million dollars. After 15 years, Goullet decided to merge with another firm, Diversant. John Goullet is now the principal and the chairman at Diversant, specializing in web solutions, quality assurance, application development and much more.

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Why Do We Spring Clean?

The moment the air becomes warmer and the days start to get longer a vast majority of men and women feel the need to clean. We call this phenomenon spring cleaning. We take that phrase for granted, but have you ever wondered why you have the desire to spring clean every year?

There are a number of different theories as to why we feel the need to spring clean every year. Some say it’s because of traditions, as there are many records of members of the Jewish, Chinese and Iranian cultures making it a ritual to clean out their homes for a variety of reasons. Other theories are that we feel the need to spring clean because, instinctively, we are trying to clear the stagnant germs that have collected over the winter by letting the fresh spring air into the house.

Spring cleaning on your own, however, can be extremely difficult, especially if you have a busy work or social life. Websites like Handy  are ideal for helping busy homeowners find someone to help them give their home a thorough spring cleaning.

Handy is designed specifically to connect homeowners with qualified experts in household services, such as contractors and house cleaners. Because of how Handy works, by ensuring that all professionals registered with them are exactly who they say they are, homeowners can feel comfortable hiring someone to help them with their spring cleaning compulsions.

While no one knows for sure exactly why so many of us feel the need to spring clean as soon as the weather starts to get warmer, we do know that not only does spring cleaning help to make the house look better, it also helps the homeowner to feel better. The less cluttered a home is, the clearer a mind is able to be, and that significantly helps to decrease stress in the average person.

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Charles Koch says Koch Network May Choose to Stay out of the Presidential Race

Charles Koch has finally decided to organize a new coalition that focuses on left-right advocacy which includes Hillary Clinton-aligned for American Progress to fight the “Ove-criminalization of America.” Charles Koch is the sixth-richest person tied with his brother David Koch according to Forbes richest people in the world. Charles Koch has never spent a day in prison, but he has been in the courtrooms many times than he can count. Over the years, Charles and his family were threatened by the many lawsuits and threatened prosecution that could have torn his family and the company they head apart.

Charles Koch has done brilliantly in business through building the $250 million oil business left to his brother and him by his father into $115 billion empires. According to Koch, what changed him was a case in 19995 against Koch Industries. Billionaire business person Koch is also primarily involved in the American politics and is known to fund the Republican nominee and conservatism groups to influence policy making in the U.S.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Charles Koch said he tired with the candidates in the Republican party and that Koch network is considering staying out of the presidential race altogether. However, when asked whether he might consider supporting Hillary Clinton, Koch said that she will have to change her proposed policies and be realistic rather than rhetoric. Koch network has firmly rejected attempts and requests to fund the “Never Trump” campaign and said that there are no better candidates in the Republican party to support.

The Koch brothers and their allies formerly called Koch network have already set aside $900 million to fund the nominee of their choice. In fact, Charles revealed in the interview that if Hillary Clinton were to become the president, she would probably do better than the current Republican candidates. He continued to say that Clinton in same ways was better than George W. Bush. Much of the Koch Industries success can be traced back to his father’s pursue of Scientific and social progress.

Charles Koch has written two books about Market-Based Management (MBM). One of them is “The Science of Success” that was published in 2007 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and the second book is called “Good Profit,” that will be released this October. “Good Profit” explains how any business including nonprofit can apply the principles of MBM in a way that can well benefit the society as a whole.

This article recapped http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/charles-koch-stop-donald-trump/story?id=38619453

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Testimonials Inspired Us To Work With White Shark Media

Businesses need leads in order to gain clients. That is the best advice I can give anyone who is just starting out. No matter what business you have, you need a way to reach out to new people. People might hear about your business through word of mouth, and you should certainly tell people about your business. However, relying on word of mouth marketing as your sole technique that gains leads for your company (that turn into actually clients that turn into actual sales) is the one sure way to keep your business alive and growing. This is why we have recently made a decision to start working with a company called White Shark Media that specializes in Adword management for many businesses of different sizes in different industries.

Why Did We Start Working With An Adword Management Company?

Adwords and internet marketing altogether have never been my strongest area of concentration. I know the basics, and my team has the knowledge to create an outstanding website that shows the world what our company has to offer. Although we have the basics in place, my team nor myself have the time, energy or knowledge that is required in order to run a successful campaign that involves the Adword management techniques that White Shark Media uses. Their team is filled with well qualified personnel who are responsible for managing the Adwords marketing outreach programs for businesses of various sizes and various industries. We noticed that White Shark Media works with small businesses to large businesses, and they work with businesses in our industry as well.

There are a plethora of fantastic testimonials that you can look at available on White Shark Media Complaints website. You might just find one that speaks to you directly about your business and what you would hope to accomplish in working with a company like White Shark Media. We found one that convinced us to work with them that was written by a representative from an e-commerce website. Since we are trying to transition into becoming a fully fledged e-commerce company, we really appreciated the insight that this testimonial gave us. The representative spoke about how White Shark Media has increased their company’s sales by 30 percent in the initial six months that they have been working together. Here is the link to that review that inspired us to start working with White Shark Media.

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How to Improve Your Dog’s Quality of Life with Beneful

Pet owners all over the country are always searching on wikipedia for ways to improve the quality of life for their pets. To most pet owners, pets are not merely animals, but represent an extension of the pet owner’s family. These individuals invest as much time, energy, and financial resources into the well being of the four legged family members as they would invest into their biological children. The pet food industry has picked up on this advancement in pet care. They have discovered that pet owners have great concerns regarding the health of their pets and desire pet foods that will support the overall quality of life for their beloved animals.
For this reason, companies like Beneful have developed organic, health food lines for dogs and cats. Purinastore’s new and improved formula (https://www.purinastore.com/brands/beneful) was developed with a focus on developing a pet food that would not only cause the animal to live a longer life, but would cause the animal’s quality of life to be drastically improved. Some pet owners may notice their pets becoming sluggish and lacking energy at odd times. They may not realize that these signs are usually caused by a insufficient diet for the animal. Dogs and cats are descended from wild animals that required a specific natural and organic diet. Beneful’s organic pet food are being sold online on Amazon is developed to promote the pet’s natural energy and livelihood to be rejuvenated.

Beneful.com created the new line of organic pet food as a response to the overwhelming need in the pet community for quality and sustainable pet food. Many pet owners had began to research the kinds of foods that were naturally beneficial to their pets. These pet owners began to make their own pet foods as an alternative to buying traditional pet foods which are usually loaded with preservatives and foods that may be harmful to a pet’s digestive system like corn meal and byproducts. Beneful’s executives realized that this homemade pet food movement was beginning to occur more and more, and that is was not sustainable. This practice took precious time away from pet owners. This led to the development of a quality pet food.

Helane L. Morrison’s Unbelievable Rise to the Top

Success in the corporate world is not something that is given to a person. One has to take it. By taking it means working hard, making a lot of sacrifices and being dedicated to what one does. However, it takes more than these especially if you are a woman in a male-dominated field like the stock market and law. That is why it’s unbelievable seeing a lady like Helane L. Morrison defy all odds and rise to the top in what many would call the ultimate dream of anybody who aspires to have a successful career.

To be a success in a corporate world, a woman has to go through all kinds of stereotypes. They also have to get the right balance between taking care of their families as well as concentrating on their careers. A successful career like Ms. Morrison requires hard work both at the job and through school.

Helane L. Morrison started off as a journalist after graduating from the Northwest University. However, her love for law and justice led her to the University of California Berkeley where she studied law. While a law student, she worked as the editor in chief at te California Law Review. She is the perfect example of how one person can be a success in three different fields, legal, administration, and journalism.

Helane L. Morrison is a very learned woman and her love for education has been the springboard to her success. It has catapulted her from an ordinary journalist. Since she joined the organization, she has risen to a very powerful legal personality. Her management and administrative talents are there for everybody to see as it’s a testimony to the plethora of duties that she has been able to deal with in her career. Currently, she is working with Hall Capital Partners where she is tasked with so many managerial duties.

Since she joined the organization some eight years ago, she has been a Managing Director besides doubling up as the Chief Legal Counsel and the head compliance officers. Her complete career profile is available at LinkedIn.

Hall Capital is very fortunate to have a person of her caliber in their books. She not only ensures the organization management structures meet the legal requirements set by the rule of law as well as making sure that the team does not succeed through shortcuts. This is done by ensuring the organization’s goals are aligned with the set governance.

Lime Crime’s Lipstick Breakthroughs

As far as great beauty goes, the lips have it, which is why so many women are always on the hunt for the next great lip color on the market. Just recently, reality star and all around beautiful teen Kylie Jenner (of the Kardashian family fame) introduced a new look (blonde hair and dark bold lips) to go with her new K Lip Kit lipstick line.

The lip colors from Kylie’s product line go on bold and gorgeous, and one of the new colors is a dark burgundy that is simply stunning. The problem is that these lipsticks are priced high, which means they will be out of reach for many women. The good news, though, is that there are some great alternative choices in lip colors that offer the same quality for a lower price.

Lime Crime, the Internet makeup line created by CEO Doe Deere, has a lip color called Velvetines that goes on liquid and sets to a bold matte texture. These lip colors really last, and they are priced far below the price of the Jenner lip colors. The “Jinx” shade from Lime Crime, seen here on Instagram, is a great match for the burgundy from the K Lip Kit, and it wears beautifully bold. For women who love a great red, there is also a standout shade of red from Velvetines (the “True Love” shade) that has incredible impact as well.

Every woman needs to be beautiful, and gorgeous lip color is a must for looking great. Check out the shades at Lime Crime for great lipsticks at prices that are fabulous, too.  Twitter covers what Lime Crime is doing pretty well, otherwise Pinterest users are known for posting their creations.

The Growth of Darius Fisher’s Company

It is the desire of any business to have its company grow faster than planned. This means other individuals are not only enjoying the services and products offered by the company but that they are returning for further services. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm. With more social media services being used by public figures and businesses, the need to control what is bing posted and what people are commenting on the posts is a must. Just one negative post can result in all sorts of problems for a public figure. While Status Labs has been around for a few years now, the level of growth it has experienced over the last several years is rather astounding.

At the beginning of 2015, Status Labs had 25 employees. Now, a full year later, the number of employees has jumped to 35 and it looks like this is going to continue growing over the next year or two as well. Each professional works in a different entity for Internet relations. Whether it is each engine optimization or just monitoring social media, every individual thrives at what they do. All of this has resulted in the company having clients in over 30 nations and more than 1,000 different employees now take advantage of the services offered by Status Labs.

Darius Fisher started Status Labs in Austin, Texas. The capital of Texas makes it an excellent location, not only due to the population of the state but also thanks to the college town within the area as well. All of this is going to prove especially helpful for anyone who wants to protect their reputation through online management.

It is remarkable what a single comment or connection on social media can do to someone’s well-being online. This holds true with an Internet service as well. That is why anyone who has even a semi-public life needs to look into the services offered up by Darius Fisher and his Status Labs company. Only time will tell how much more the company may grow over the course of the next year or so. Follow Darius on Twitter for more information.