Andy Wirth, the businessman and his accomplishments

At 52 years old, Andy Wirth has done a lot in his life and has accomplished even more since coming to the United States from Germany. He is currently head of Alpine Meadows ski resort, and Alpine Meadows ski resort, both of which are located in Lake Tahoe. He has 25 years of experience in the ski resort and hotel businesses and is also the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which is located in Olympic Valley, California, which owns both Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts. His grandfather was the well-known past Director of the United States National Park Service.

He started out in the business in positions in marketing and management for Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. In 2007, Andrew Wirth was given the position of Head Marketing Officer and became Executive V. P. of Intrawest, which is the company that bought Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation in 2007. Three years later he left Intrawest and Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp to become the head Squaw Valley, taking over the position from Chief Executive Officer Nancy Cushing.

Andy Wirth has won a lot of awards from different organizations and has been recognized for his business talent and experience. He was given the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award that was given to him from the Board of Trustees at the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. He also has won awards such as the Business Leader of the Year Award in Steamboat Springs, and made the list of the Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales and Marketing for HSMAI. Seven years later in 2014, he won the Community Five Award and was chosen by Disabled Sports USA as their Citizen of the Year. Recently he was appointed to the position of Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board on top of all the other positions and awards he has been given.

In October 2013, Andy Wirth had a terrible accident skydiving in California and his right arm was taken off, he had to have surgery for his arm to be reattached. He went through a lengthy process of recovery and rehabilitation to get back on his feet. 

Andy Wirth earned a B.A in Science from Colorado State University then went on to attend college in Scotland at the Edinburgh University. He worked as a ranger for the Rocky Mountain Nat’l Parks then moved on to be a ranger for San Pedro Parks Wilderness before going into the hotel and ski resort business.

FreedomPop Hits the Right Spots

FreedomPop took the world by storm when the tech company offered citizens basic data plans and basic cellular voice plans to break consumers away from the more popular mobile carriers. The company seemed to impress so many people with that move that they are planning to do the same again. FreedomPop is looking to offer consumers a lower costing Wi-Fi service so that they can further break the chain that mobile carriers have put them under. The service will provide users the chance to access more than 10 million hotspots across the United States of America. All of this will come at a lowly five dollars a month. The regular LTE services that are marketed to consumers by carriers are marketed as ‘premium services’. What these carriers fail to realize is that the majority of consumer try to stay away from LTE usage. FreedomPop collected data that would say more than 90 percent of the data that gets consumed by mobile device users happens over Wi-Fi. Stephen Stokols is the co-founder and CEO of FreedomPop. Stokols sat with Tech Crunch’s Ingrid Lunden to talk about the projected increase that FreedomPop is already looking forward to. The initial rollout of Wi-Fi hotspots will include more than 10 million hotspots. Stokols expects more than 120 million consumers to use the services. That also includes between 65 percent and 90 percent of consumers in the top 100 metropolitan areas in the United States. Stokols showed more data that would suggest that the projected 10 million consumers of FreedomPop will rise to an astounding 25 million users by the end of the company’s first quarter of the fiscal year.

The service will be able to work cross platform on multiple devices used by their consumers. The company already has an Android app on the market for consumers and they are working diligently to create an iPhone app. It is taking a bit longer for the FreedomPop company to create an iPhone version of the app but the company is asking for consumers to be patient. The extended time to produce the iPhone version of the app is due in part to the auto-connect functionality of the app. FreedomPop is doing their best to work with Google when it comes to the auto-connect feature and the company doesn’t want to put out an app that is not up to par. The auto-connect feature is what will set FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service apart from the mobile carriers. It would be detrimental to their consumers and their brand as a company if they were to rush the experience of mobile hotspots and turn users off.

The FreedomPop company is based in Los Angeles but is looking to make their mark across the United States. The company just raised more than 19 million dollars from numerous investors. Skype, Atomico Ventures and DCM are among the companies who have sought to invest in FreedomPop. With such a promising future and with the company already looking to expand overseas, it is safe to say that FreedomPop is doing more than just making a name for themselves.

A Brief History of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is know for being an american plastic surgeon. She was born in Austin, Texas and remained there throughout her whole childhood. She began taking an interest in the medical field early because of her parents. Walden’s father was a dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse.

After graduating from Anderson High School she followed her dreams of becoming a doctor at the University of Texas where she majored in biology. She graduated top of her class which made it easy for her to continue her education in medical school at the University of Texas. The Medical Branch at the college has everything she was hoping so study, but sadly Walden was put on the waiting list for college entry. Her mood was not dampened and when she was finally accepted she graduated with her second major and as salutatorian of the class.

After Walden completed her residency at the Medical Branch of the University of Texas she was able to join a fellowship lead by Dr. Sherrell Aston at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. The fellowship dealt with aesthetic surgery. Jennifer Walden remained at the hospital, even after the fellowship she was part of ended. She also gained almost eight years of experience by working on the Upper East Side of New York City. Clinical trials that Jennifer Walden was a part of helped silicone breast implants be reintroduced to the medical market.

After over a decade of working in New York, in December 2011 Walden traveled back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. This time she was not alone, having gotten married to her husband Steven Walden and also giving birth to two twin boys. In Westlake Hills she established her own private practice with a sister office in Marble Falls.

Jennifer Walden is the founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center and the Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC. She is one of the few female members of the the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors, Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors, and Modern Aesthetics’. Walden has been a guest speaker at many public events and television shows including Fox News, E!, ABC News, and VH1. She has added her experience to the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbook, which is used at the University of Texas and was awarded the title of Best Beauty Surgeon in 2014 by Harper’s Bazaar.

The Rhythm of Grammar

A direct correlation has been found between a child’s ability to distinguish rhythms and their capacity to understand grammar. “This may help us predict who would be the best candidate for particular types of therapy or who’s responding the best,” said Reyna Gordon, Ph.D. “Is it the child with the weakest rhythm that needs the most help or is it the child that starts out with better rhythm that will then benefit the most?”

Though more research is necessary before it can be properly applied, music therapy for the improvement of grammar is on the horizon and Dr. Gordon is excited. Ricardo Tosto hopes that this study will lead to better applied education. Helping educators predict the children that will respond the best to certain kinds of therapies and pointing to which children will need the most help. It is no wonder that music should be an indicator for grammar proficiency, each holds the cadence of life.

The Revolution of Product Recognition

Product Recognition technology: It is a technology which allows shoppers to flip through the retail flyers and purchase an item that they like using product recognition technology.

Shoppers can scan images in print media through their device’s camera and can make a purchase from the retailer online running the advertisement. This technology is all about matching the image to the product available online. There are many apps out there offering this service, but the results are uncertain.

Visual search engine It is a search engine designed to search for information on the web through the input of an image which is mostly used to search on the mobile internet using or through an image of an unknown object.

Product recognition or image recognition technology uses algorithms to copy the way images are interpreted by the brain that we see. This technology is used by the retailers. Major retailers are using this product recognition technology and visual search feature embedded in their apps and shoppers are able to upload the picture of the product they are interested in and find a similar product on the retailer website and make purchase immediately.

Visual search technology has huge potential for the retail industry. This technology is used to find exact match visual search from any mobile devices. visual search is driven by consumers in regards to taking pictures of the desired products that they like to purchase and how retailers want their inventory to be available to the consumers through their mobile devices.

How consumer takes the picture of the product they are interested in should be managed efficiently. Another mitigating factor for good results is the size of the data of images in the inventory being matched.

Slyce: It is the leading visual search provider for brands and retailers. Using this Visual product search technology the retailer can be connected to the customers at any time. Slyce is currently working with 6 of the top leading retailers in North America.

Slyce have developed image recognition technology where captured images are streamed through different stages of recognition to determine close matches. It is well designed to return exact or closest matching product every search.

Slyce is designed to bring the retailer to the shoppers. The Visual search technology is integrated right into your existing app. In-house apps for Slyce are Pounce or Craves, and snip snap. Using this visual search technology shoppers can do real world shopping.

Your Dog Will Love The Beneful Brand

There are many reasons why we should take the extra steps necessary towards assuring our loved pets that they will live a full life of high quality and well-being. After their hard word and loyalty to us, it is only right that we serve them the same way they serve us. Dogs are known to be some of the most loyal creatures on earth. Therefore, it is always one of our greatest responsibilities to ensure that we make the right choices when it comes to maintaining their overall health.

A great aspect of treating our pets in a loving and caring manner is ensuring that they are provided with the best qualities of foods on a daily basis. Just like us humans, dogs require quite a bit of upkeep when it comes to their health. The food a dog eats greatly determines whether or not they are considered healthy or not. Unfortunately, many dog owners do not take the initiative towards ensuring that their pet(s) are given an adequate amount of nutrients and minerals contained within their foods. By feeding your dog foods that are considered as being high in nutritional value, you and your pet(s) will be able to reap the benefits of him/her living a full life. Losing a pet at a young age has devastating effects on all those who were affected by him/her at any point in their life. By feeding your dog(s) foods full of high nutritional value, you will be doing your pet(s) one of the greatest favors in life.

Beneful is a food brand that has proven itself in today’s competitive market. With a multitude of tasty flavors to choose from, Beneful is certainly a brand that offers its customers a mix of varieties. The variety of foods consists of different sources of proteins, such as lamb, chicken, pork and beef. Textures vary as well, from chopped thinly diced blends to large chunks of “hearty roasters”- all of which are offered with real ingredients that are evident to the eyes. Accents like rice, carrots, green beans and barley are available in convenient sizes for your canine pals. The Beneful food offers twenty wholesome varieties as prepared meals, from medleys to chopped blen and more. Why not provide your dog with a food they will not only love to eat, but also one of which their health will greatly benefit from as well?

An Unexpected Birthday Party Turnout For A 10 Year Old

A parent’s efforts helped to turn their fear into one of the best days of their son’s life.

Two proud parents of Camden Eubank feared that no one would show up to his 10th birthday party. The young boy has had difficulty making and keeping friends due to his Apraxia condition. Apraxia is a speech delay disorder that causes Camden to have an inability to put words together in the event of social pressure.

Due to this condition, Camden is home schooled which also contributes to him have a very short list of friends. The parents have admitted that a young boy who was previously Camden’s friend, stopped hanging out with him because he was able to notice that Camden was different.

With a limited number of friends, the parents of Camden feared that his 10th birthday party will only have attendees that were relatives. Camden wanted to have a water balloon fight and his mother was focused on making that happen for her son. His mother took to Facebook, inviting anyone and everyone that wanted to attend. Brad Reifler said the invite received many likes on Reuters and was even posted anonymously on the Reddit website, which receives millions of views daily.

The virtual invite resulted in over 300 attendees coming to Camden’s 10th birthday party with cake and gifts in hand and ready to have some fun. Camden also received gifts from people around the world that viewed the online posted invite but was unable to attend.

Missouri Governor Changes Law On “Medically Necessary” Treatment for Those Suffering from Eating Disorders

Anorexia, binge eating and bulimia are a few of the more common eating disorders that nearly 24 million Americans of all ages, races, genders and income status suffer. These disorders are typically brought on over time and are in conjunction with some other type of emotional or depressive condition.

A big problem many of these patients face is the lack of insurance coverage to offset the high cost of lengthy treatment says Dalrada. Mental Health Parity Laws exist in many states, however, because the wording of these laws lack clarity, insurance companies are able to translate the laws to suit their needs – their bottom line. The term “medically necessary” in relationship to treatment for eating disorders is often determined by the insurance companies rather than the health professionals. This ends up leaving many without proper treatment, or having to end treatment once certain goals have been met, when in fact, continued psychological therapy is key to recovery.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon just last week signed a bill into law which will change this critical area of confusion. One crucial element of the new law is to allow mental health treatment to be included in the “medically necessary” definition. Another essential adjustment legislatures made to the law, was to remove any weight requirements previously used by insurance companies to deny or prematurely end treatment.

Many who suffer from eating disorders tragically die after experiencing emaciation, weakness, muscle loss and acute dehydration, along with other debilitating and deadly effects, mostly due to non-treatment. Other states will hopefully take a stand for those suffering from these tragic disorders and follow suit with Missouri.

Dating is the Life at College, So Here’s 10 Tips

When you are at college it’s good to get some outside advice about the dating world. Everybody’s different, we all know that, but here are 10 good rules of thumb that will accelerate your dating life.

1. College is yours to do your own thing; don’t let any relationship hold you back.
2. Don’t pull away from everything as soon as you meet a prospective date. Maintain your own identity.
3. Relationships are supposed to be fun and make you happy. If you get in one that isn’t, get out.
4. It’s perfectly OK not to text 24/7 when you are with someone 24/7. Create a little difference.
5. Your sex life is yours to participate or not participate in as you choose. When it comes to sex, be safe and use your head as well.
6. If it’s a hook-up, call it what it is and go on.
7. When you fall, take a day or two to regroup and go get a slice.
8. Learn to love yourself before, during and after a relationship.
9. Drunk texting rarely enhances the relationship; try to stay away from it.
10. If someone interests you, go for it! Life is short.

College is the perfect place to get an education for that job you have in mind, and it’s also a great place to discover who you are and what you want out of life. Skout says that you can meet new people, try new things, and it will all work out OK.

Fidgeting Can Boost The Academic Achievement OF Children With ADHD

A recent article in the New York Times reported findings published in the Child Neuropsychology: A Journal on Normal and Abnormal Development in Childhood and Adolescence on the relationship between fidgeting and academic performance for children with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children with ADHD often struggle with self-regulation and attention, which can impair academic performance and social interactions. Sitting still in a classroom setting can be difficult for these children.

Researchers from the University of California, Davis set out to explore if there is a correlation between fidgeting intensity and test taking performance by children with ADHD. The researchers recruited 44 children between the ages of 10 and 17. 26 of these children were diagnosed with ADHD, while the control group consisted of 18 children classified as typically developing.

According to Gianfrancesco Genoso an actometer on the children’s ankle was used to measure fidgeting while the children took a computerized test. The scientists found that the more intense the physical activity, the more likely children with ADHD answered questions correctly. For children without ADHD, the level of fidgeting didn’t seem to affect their academic performance.
The researchers hypothesize that movement can be used by children with ADHD to self-regulate and channel their energy. The authors suggest that children with ADHD may benefit from using certain types of equipment such as elastic bands and exercise balls while they are in the classroom.