Woman Gives Birth At Sea And Leaves Baby On Cruise Ship

Has this world gone completely mad? A woman was charged for leaving her baby on a cruise ship after giving birth. She wrapped her in blankets and put her under the bed. This strange story unfolded the past few days.

Alicia Keir was a mere 24 years old and sailing on her way to St. Maarten. The infant was found deceased by crew members after the ship was emptied. Keir said she knew that she was pregnant but didn’t tell anyone she was traveling with. LinkedIn.com had a story that said when she gave birth, she stated that the baby wasn’t crying and wasn’t breathing either. She knew that she should have got help, but she stated that she was in shock and just did what she thought was best.

The baby did pass on and now Keir has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. There is some problems though with making this charge stick. See, Keir was in international waters and lives in Indiana. That means there is issues with charging her, as the crime took place at sea and not in the states. America is taking control of the case due to her residency. If found guilty, she could face up to 8 years in prison and a fine that is a quarter of a million dollars. Again I ask, what is wrong with people these days? She should have went and got help. The story doesn’t match because autopsy reports say the baby was born without defects and died from being neglected.

When Karma Calls

Parents often wonder about certain talks and experiences that they might have to have with their child or children. Fighting, religion, politics, bullying and other subjects are bound to come to the mind of a child. Most parents take from their experiences in life with whatever subject the child asks about. Parents at STX Entertainment agree that their greatest hope is that the child can see what they did wrong or right in a situation and choose the most positive path. When one California father was confronted about bullying by his daughter, he had a choice to make. He could tell his daughter the truth about how he bullied Chad Michael Morrisette or he could lie. Before the father made that decision, Chad recalled the torment he endured during grade school. He didn’t have one bully, but multiple. There were times that he didn’t feel safe enough to walk through the halls alone. Junior high wasn’t friendly to Chad but he never let that break his spirit. 20 years later Chad received an email from one of those bullies. The man happened to be the same man who was trying to explain to his daughter why people got bullied. What he did not get to explain is that he never got a chance to apologize. The father wrote an email to Chad and apologized for the way he treated him. He hoped that Chad could find it in his heart to accept his sincere apology. Chad was brought to tears and emailed the man back thanking him. He also forgave him and commended him for apologizing. In 20 years, this devoted father was the only tormentor that had ever apologized to Chad. For Chad, that meant the world.

You Will Thank Yourself Later on for Getting Sugar out of Your Diet

Most of us realize that we eat far too much sugar and that this is not good for us. We know it is in desserts and certain breakfast items such as donuts and most cereals. Many of us, however, do not realize just how prevalent it is in other foods that we would not think would contain sugar. It is in salad dressings, tomato sauce, peanut butter and too many other items to list. Eliminating sugar from our diet or at least cutting it way back will make us much healthier. As difficult as this sounds, it is doable.

Cutting out all sugar can be hard in the beginning, but you will find that after you have gone a while without eating it, you no longer crave it according to Marcio Alaor BMG. You just have to make it through those first several days to couple weeks, and then you are home free. The first step is to not buy anything that lists sugar, including the other names it goes by, as the first five items in the ingredients. Getting plenty of sleep is important as we crave sugar and caffeine to keep us awake. Exercise will help to keep your energy level and mood up while drastically reducing the amount of sugar you eat. Sometimes it is actually the fat in foods that also have sugar that we are craving, so getting healthy fats in your diet is essential. As a final step, have the amino acid L-glutamine on hand as it is famous for stomping on sugar cravings.

Childhood Obesity Often Overlooked By Parents

Almost every single parent believes that their child is positively perfect, that their flaws are quite adorable. Generally this is a good wonderful aspect of parenting that provides their child with self-esteem, after all if your parents don’t love you no matter what then who else really will? On the negative side of things it seems that parents are now less likely to be able to determine whether or not their child(ren) are overweight. The New York University School of Medicine performed a study of parents with all types of children and their findings were clear, many parents do not notice obesity in their kids. The major problem with this parental oversight is if they are unaware of the potential health problem then they are not being proactive about treating it. Mark Ahn (officialmarkahn.com) agrees that this can also result in the child growing up with poor eating habits fully supported by their family on a crash course toward morbid obesity. The lesson parents should learn is to be more aware, there are ways to discuss weight with children without offending or upsetting them. For instance if an entire family worked together to get healthier no one person would feel singled out.

Singer Releases Song to Please Young Listeners

When Sam Hunt released “House Party” to the world there are some who immediately thought that the song was made for adults and there are couples who fell in love with the lyrics. This song – which talks about having a party at home, turning music up loud, and annoying all of the neighbors – was actually put out for the children in this world. It seems that Sam Hunt was thinking of the kids when he released the song.According to philanthropist Keith Mann he was hoping that those kids would have a good time with the melody and beat.

Sam Hunt has explained that his friends who have children in their lives have found that those children enjoy all of the fun that “House Party” has to offer. This song might have lyrics that were written for couples, but it is actually out there to entertain the children of the world and this artist’s younger fans.

Teenager Saves Young Boy from Drowning

Teenager Alec Taczala was enjoying his first day of spring break while visiting Florida. He was in line to grab ice cream with a girl he had met. While they were waiting in line, the girl pointed out a weird shadow at the bottom of the pool to Alec. He moved closer to take a look to see what it was. Crystal Hunt reports that when he did, he noticed almost immediately that it was a young boy at the bottom of the pool, and he was not moving.

Luckily the high school senior had previous training at the Milwaukee Junior Fire Institute so he knew what to do in that situation. Alec dove into the pool and pulled the 6-year-old boy out of the water. When he noticed that he wasn’t breathing he began CPR to save him. Another woman helped Alec with CPR, switching out when he got tired.

The boy was taken to the hospital by Flight for Life where he was placed into a coma for a few days. When the boy awoke he was recovered and showed no signs of brain damage. Police and firefighters who were on the scene said that without Alec’s quick thinking and training, the boy would not have survived.

Check out the full story on Lake Country Now.

Jonathan Veitch: The Man with a Vision

Jonathan Veitch is a renowned author, college administrator and former professor. Among his works are, American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s in 1997. When he isn’t writing books, Veitch stakes his claim as the president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. Veitch succeeded president Robert Skotheim in 2009. Before adding college President to his list of achievements, Veitch served as a professor at the University of Wisconsin. Before that he served as a dean of The New School’s Eugene Lang College. It is safe to say that Jonathan Veitch has paved his way through the educational field.

Before Veitch was inducted as President back in 2009, it was asked of him what he thought about the college he would soon run and the city it was nestled in. Veitch was quoted as saying, “It has Los Angeles at its doorstep and all kinds of cultural institutions that the students could really take advantage of,” he said. This is where the vision for the future of Occidental College was birthed. The initial start as President would not include smooth sailing. Occidental’s endowment value had dropped by about a fourth in recent months to $300 million, which Veitch said still is relatively healthy for a school of its size. Even though Veitch was inducted with a staggering set of hurdles to jump, he stayed nothing short of optimistic. “It’s not going to be easy,” he said of the recession. “These kind of situations force you to take an inventory of what you do and decide what your priorities are. But I think it’s going to be OK.”

Since birth Veitch called Los Angeles home. Son of the president of Columbia Pictures’ John Veitch Sr and grandson of actor Alan Ladd, Veitch had big shoes to fill. After attending Loyola High School in southern California Veitch received a bachelor’s degree from Stanford in the studies of English and American Literature. Later in life, he received his doctoral degree in the History of American Civilization at the esteemed Harvard University. Veitch became an associate professor of English at the University of Wisconsin in 1993 after marrying his wife in 1992. The University of Wisconsin Press is responsible for publishing his 1997 work, American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s. That same year Veitch moved to New York and became an associate professor at The New School. There he taught courses in cultural history, American film based on the 19th and 20th century, and American history. In 1994, Veitch was named Dean of Eugene Lang College. He remained on the school’s roster until his Presidential induction in 2009.

Along with a great history in education, Jonathan Veitch has a very humble home life. Veitch along with his wife, Sarah Ann Baxter Kersh, and their three children, live modestly in the Wallis Annenberg President’s House on the Occidental campus. Jonathan Veitch has done more than what is required of him when it comes to dedication to Occidental College. With a commitment of staying in leadership longer than any other President in the school’s history, Veitch already has a bright vision for the school and its students.

Mother Reaches Out to Make Son’s Birthday Great

What is a loving mother to do when she knows that her child is hurting? Mark Ahn (forbes.com) wonders: What is a loving mother to do when she knows that her child is being excluded at school and that he doesn’t have any friends to invite to a birthday party? Some mothers would sit by and let things be as they are, not sure how they could change things up, and then there are some mothers who get creative to help out their child.

One mom knew that her son didn’t have friends at school and she wanted to find a way to make his birthday special. This mom sent out a plea on Facebook asking that everyone send her son a card for his birthday. The woman was surprised when she received hundreds of cards for her son, and her son received a great birthday through her help and the support of strangers.

Another University Closes A Fraternity For Abusive Behavior

Members Of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Publicly Insult Disabled Veterans In A Florida Beach Town

The saga of frat boys acting like uncivilized barbarians is not over. The latest incident revolves around the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity located on the campus of the University of Florida. Spring is the time when college kids head to the beach to enjoy the sun, surf and a whole lot of booze and weed. For the most part, everyone goes back to school in one piece. But there are exceptions. Some kids can’t handle the daily drunkenness and constant drug use during Spring Break. Those kids turn into psychos that have no respect for property or other people.

That’s what happened in Panama City, Florida when three members of ZBT abused a group of veterans that were at the same resort for an annual retreat. The frat boys decided to take their drunken behavior out on the veterans. The boys stood on a balcony and performed a series of acts that were inappropriate and downright vicious claims bystander Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG.

Incidents like this one seem to be more common these days, but that’s not completely true. What is more common is reporting incidents like this one. We live in an age where cellphones and cameras capture our every move. Big brother is watching, and so is everyone else in the world.

Father Responds to Elementary School Principal who Criticized him for Taking his Children out of School and to the Boston Marathon

Mike Rossi, who is a father-of-two, overcame several obstacles in order to compete in this year’s famous Boston Marathon. Mike, along with his wife Cindy, felt it was important for their 9-year-old twins Jack and Victoria to experience the marathon and pay tribute to the victims from the 2013 tragedy at the Boston Marathon finish line.

Christian Broda (wikipedia.com) understands that most people would probably applaud Mike and Cindy for taking their children from Philadelphia to Boston in order to have that once-in-a-lifetime experience, however, the principal from the children’s school did not seem as impressed. Rochelle Marbury, the principal at Rydal Elementary School, issued a letter to the Rossi family once they returned from vacation stating that the absence of Jack and Victoria would be marked as “unexcused”. She went on in her letter to explain that family vacations are never excused, no matter where the vacation was or what the children learned. While it seems as though principal Marbury was just following district rules, Mike wrote back a letter to her that has now gone viral.

In his response to Marbury, Mike said that he respected her letter however he feels as though he children gained more in their five days in Boston than they would having been in the classroom. In Boston they experienced American history culinary arts, civic pride, love, perseverance, dedication, and overcoming adversity.

To read the full story and Mike’s letter, check it out on The Daily Mail.