Beneful Offers a Variety of Dog Food

Beneful dog food is currently one of the most popular brand of dog food in the United States. This is mainly because of the high quality of the dog food produced by this company. Today, there are several varieties of Beneful brand dog food which are all tasty and meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO. Four of the most popular varieties are Beneful Originals, Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Healthy Puppy, and Beneful Incredibites.

Beneful Originals

I fed this particular type of dry dog food to my pet and she loved it! Beneful Originals is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are used as a preservative to prevent the nutrients in the food from spoiling. They are also used to strengthened the dog’s immune system. This type of dog food comes in three different flavors: beef, chicken, and salmon. The Beneful Originals with real beef are accented with peas, carrots, and spinach. In addition to these ingredients, they also contain ground corn, chicken by-product meal, whole wheat flour, rice flour, and more. The Beneful Originals with real chicken are accented with tomatoes, carrots, and avocados. They also contain round corn, chicken by-product meal, whole wheat flour, rice flour, etc. The Beneful Originals with real salmon are accented with sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans. Like the other two flavors of Originals, this type also contain the same added ingredients.

Beneful Healthy Weight

This particular variety of dry dog food is formulated to help dogs maintain a healthy weight by offering the right balance of nutrients. This calorie- smart dog food is accented with carrots, apples, and green beans. Beneful Healthy Weight supplies 10 percent fewer calories that the Beneful Originals.

Beneful Healthy Puppy

As the name indicated, this variety of dog food on Facebook is made especially for puppies. It is rich in calcium and DHA to enable puppies to develop healthy bones, vision, and brain. This type of dog food is accented with real chicken, carrots, and peas to ensure that mealtime is nutritious and enjoyable.

Beneful Incredibites

This incredible dry dog food is rich in protein, calcium, and antioxidants. These mini-bites are perfect for small dogs and come in two flavors, beef and chicken. Beneful Incredibites with real beef is accented with carrots and peas, whereas the one with real chicken is accented with carrots, spinach, and sweet potatoes. Regardless on the age, size, or health condition of a dog, dog owners can always count on the Beneful brand dog food to fulfill the requirements of their dogs as well as ensure that they live a healthy, happy, and long life.

A Place Where Lacrosse is More than Just a Game

If your child’s passion has nothing to do with a bat and a ball, but a lacrosse stick and ball then Next Level Lacrosse Camp is their home away from home in the state of Colorado. This is the place where serious players get to polish their skills with some of the best lacrosse players that ever graced the game. Your children will learn from the best players in the game today. Their coaches include Tyler German, Sergio Perkovic and Ryan Tucker. The goal of the camp and its coaches is to help refine each lacrosse player’s specific skills while catering to their individual interests, field position and personal style. This has been a passion of the coaches and the founder, Jon Urbana, since day one of the camps conception. Your child will learn from the best and have fun doing so.

Jon Urbana and Lou Braun began this journey in 2011, according to his page, which also links out to a cute video he’s used to gain exposure for fundraising. Jon Urbana has had many accolades throughout his Villanova career, including making it onto the Tewaaraton Award watch list, which list includes the top players across all three divisions of NCAA lacrosse.

Other notable accomplishments listed on CrunchBase include being selected as a top rookie in lacrosse in 2002. Jon started all 12 games played in 2003 and was a second team all-conference pick, and he had his first collegiate point through assists as well as picking up 35 ground balls. In 2004, Jon Urbana was the Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the Year and he earned a spot on the CAA All-Tournament team, these are only a few of his accomplishments shared on his website that he earned in 2004.

It is crystal clear from a glimpse at his Facebook feed that Jon Urbana is passionate about the game of lacrosse and that he wants to share his passion with the youth of today, even using Twitter, where you can follow @jonurbana1.

Recently, Bloomberg interviewed Jon and revealed that he also has expert skills in writing, entrepreneurship, economics, Vimeo video-making, sales as well as business development and growth – not to mention some FAA recognition that he can now boast on his resume.

His combination of passion and skills makes Next Level Lacrosse Camp the best choice for your child to master their skill learning from Jon and the pro coaches Tyler German, Sergio Perkovic and Ryan Tucker. Being a part of this experience can help your child reach for the stars and become the pro lacrosse player they have always dreamed they could be.

Teens Are Having All Kinds Of Fun On Skout

Teenagers can find some of the most obscure social media networks and begin making it popular. Back in the day, some social media networks were rarely heard of. Now, many social media sites have become extremely popular because teenagers have talked about them in school, advertised them online, or talked to family members about them. Teens can really be a driving force in making a social media network popular, and it’s not very different when it comes to the Skout network. Skout is popular among teens, but Skout is unlike many other social media networks out there. Skout allows teens to join, but teenagers are in their own private section.

Skout has chosen to separate teenagers from any adults that are on the network, and parents will be able to understand why this is the case. Teenagers have different types of conversations than adults do, and it’s always a good idea to keep children innocent and free of problems if it’s possible. Teens can sit on the Skout network and talk with one another, and they don’t have to worry about an adult getting into their conversation and trying to solicit them for things that may be illegal or immoral. Parents can rest easier knowing that their teenagers are using the Skout network.

Anyone who wants use Skout can access it in one of two ways, either via a mobile device or a computer. Those who download the Skout application can use it on most mobile devices as well as a smart TV. Many who choose to use the Skout application enjoy it a lot more than using Skout on their computer. Using the Skout application means that the “shake to chat” feature can be utilized, and the shake to chat feature is one of the best things that Skout has to offer. Shaking a smartphone will activate the shake to chat feature.

When a person shakes their phone, then another person who is shaking their phone at the same time will then appear on the screen, and both persons can begin a conversation. In less than a minute after a person appears on the screen, neither person’s location will be revealed unless they choose to sit and talk with each other for longer than 40 seconds. Having someone’s location be private for 40 seconds means they can move on to talk to another person, without having the previous person know anything about where they are located.

Skout has disabled any location services that can be put on a teenage account, and this is done so that the teenagers are protected from others knowing where they may be located. Many people know that some teenagers are bullied, and some teens may not want other teens on the network to know where they are located, especially since it can end up causing them problems. Skout goes out of their way to protect the teens that join their network, but teens are still allowed to have just as much fun as the adults.

North American Spine Has Minimally Invasive Surgeries That Help To Reduce Pain

In the past, someone who was diagnosed with a back problem that needed surgery may have reason to fear going into surgery. Those who needed surgery on the back knew that they would have a long recovery time from the surgery, and they may miss a lot of work as well. These days, minimally invasive surgeries have taken over, and most surgical centers prefer to perform these types of surgeries instead of open surgery. North American Spine is a facility that performs several minimally invasive surgeries, and the surgeries have helped many to feel relief from their back and neck pain.

The procedure that North American Spine reviews discuss which are on the neck and back is called the AccuraScope procedure. With a small incision in the neck or back, the surgeon can insert a scope into the patient to take a look and see what’s causing their pain, and hopefully, the pain can be fixed for good. Another procedure that’s performed at the North American Spine facilities is the CuraSpine procedure, which deals directly with the spinal column. Since many have Spine problems, separate from back or neck pain, the CuraSpine procedure may be necessary to help address the pain being felt in the spine area.

Both the AccuraScope and the CuraSpine procedures are minimally invasive, and recovery time is fairly rapid. Patients are allowed to go home the same day of the surgery, so their recovery time will be spent at home. Many like the fact that they don’t have to spend all their time in the hospital recovering, especially since it means a minimized hospital stay and a minimized bill. Many are up and walking right after their procedure, and the patient can get back to normal within a week or so after having the procedure performed. Previous back and neck surgeries would leave a person incapacitated for weeks if not months, so minimally invasive procedures are very welcome these days.

North American Spine’s specialists can speak with patients about the pain they are having, and several examinations can be done to determine the patient’s eligibility for any of the procedures performed at North American Spine. Many patients do qualify for the minimally invasive procedures, and after having the procedures performed, many patients reported having no more pain. Those who are seeking to live pain-free would do well to go to North American Spine facilities for help in reducing their pain for good.

Philanthropist and Co-Owner, Bruce Levenson is Overall a Good Man

Bruce Levenson was born to a Jewish family of Washington D.C. who grew up in a nearby section of Chevy Chase, Maryland on He attended school at Washington University of Saint Louis and decided to go to the American University to earn his degree in law. While attending school at night for his law degree, he worked during the day hours to get his foot in the door of journalism. Bruce Levenson on forbes worked during the day at the Washington Star to get his background in journalism.

The United Communications Group, UCG was formed by Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz in 1977. They formed the group in the apartment that Bruce had at the time. The two worked closely together to form a newsletter, Oil Express which centered around the oil industry at the time of the newsletter. The centered it around the industry and went on to create various other newsletters as well as to create a database that would surround information and data about healthcare, energy and banking as well as various levels of information about telecommunications. The group would go on to create apps that come in handy for users such as the GasBuddy app. This app will allow users to see what various prices of gas there are in nearby areas as well as other areas to help distinguish who has the overall best price for gas.

Bruce and Ed decided in 2004 that they would add the Atlanta Hawks to their long resume’s. They decided to purchase the Atlanta Hawks, the Phillips Arena and the Atlanta Thrashers all at once in a group deal however sold the Thrashers in 2011. Bruce Levenson and Ed invited a fellow ex player, Danny Ferry who once played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and went on to become their General Manager before moving on to the San Antonio Spurs where he became the VP of Operations. He came to Atlanta to become their General Manager.

Once on a trip to Washington D.C., Bruce and his family accompanied the team to take a moment of their time to learn about the Holocaust. Bruce’s mother in law is a survivor of the Holocaust and together they felt it important to share the background with the team players of the Hawks. On the trip, Bruce took it upon himself to make sure the players knew about the Holocaust and what it was like to live through it. Irene Boyarsky is more than just a survivor and lives to tell it when at all possible.

The I have A Dream chapter of Washington D.C. was once operated by Bruce Levenson. He helped to teach the importance of higher education to underprivileged children in the area. He helped those children to move onto higher education and earn their degrees in various backgrounds. He also was a founding member to the U.S. Holocaust Museum which also helps with the Bringing the Lessons Home program. This helps to teach the importance of the Holocaust to inner city children. Bruce also helps with a variety of other programs such as the Seeds of Peace foundation and the Jewish Federation. Since he works closely with various groups and gives a good amount of time and money, Bruce in his own right is considered to be a philanthropist.

In his spare time, Bruce chooses to play golf, ski and basketball. In recent years, Bruce took trips all around the world with one trip in particular to Antarctica where he spent a number of nights in a tent. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and three sons however they also own a home in Potomac, Maryland.

I Stand Behind Beneful – Customers Talk About Their Love Beneful

A brand new campaign was created that brought people to new levels of happiness tatted numerous dog owners talked about their love for their dogs and why they choose Beneful be their main source for providing their dogs with healthy foods. The campaign was titled, “I Stan Behind Beneful” and it was created to help spread awareness on why Purina‘s Beneful dog food is a reliable brand that can provide dogs with only the best food and health choices. A horrific lawsuit was created awhile back talking about the company’s lack of healthy food options. The allegations were terrifying to the current users because of a fear that Beneful  from Petco could hurt their dogs for the future. However, you will come to find that the allegations were all untrue and entirely false, and this brand gave the current users of Beneful the chance to showcase what it is that makes them stand behind the brand despite such allegations. What makes Beneful such a great brand is the fact that they have remained one of the best in the industry. With more than 15 million healthy dogs in 2014 alone, there is no doubt that this brand is making dogs feels tromger and healthier. Dog owners in the campaign talked a bit about why Beneful is reliable, provides a variety of options in their choices, and plenty of great ways to get you healthy and moving. Beneful is known for having three different types of categories in their food choices: wet food, dry food, and snacks. All of them give you a wide variety of options for your dog so they stay healthy and active. The original article was mentioned and shared on PRNewsWire, but the content has been shared and talked about on countless websites and media outlets, including The New York Times.

Corporate Finance


Corporate finance is a vital area of business if a company wants to stay in business over the long term. There are many different ways in which a poor finance structure can affect the growth and profitability of a business. At the end of the day, the goal of a business is to be as profitable as possible in order to grow over the long term. There are many companies that have not been able to grow as fast as they could have otherwise because of a lack of financial planning. Brian Bonar is one of the biggest names in the world of corporate finance. He has been involved in several different companies at the highest level, and he knows what it takes in order for a business to succeed over the long term. There are many people that seek his advice on the subject of corporate finance. Here are several ways that any company can improve its corporate finance structure in order to position itself better for the long term.

Invest in the Future

There are many companies that only invest to meet short term needs or goals. The best corporate finance strategies take in to account the long term goals of the business and plan based off of that as a starting point. There are many different people that have been able to make huge strides in their companies by taking on this approach. Whenever a person wants to turn their company in to one of the best in the industry, they must shift their focus from what is needed now to what will be needed in the future. Brian Bonar is a great example of a business leader that has been able to do this in his time in the industry. There were many times that he knew large changes were on the horizon with various industries that he was in, and in order to stay in business he would need to invest in his company to be prepared for the changes.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is one of the most influential people in the world of corporate finance today. There are few people that have been able to succeed at such a high level over the long term in this area. With his various degrees of experience in the different industries he has worked in, Brian Bonar has been able to develop a skill set that few people can rival in the world of business. Anyone that is looking to change their corporate finance structure in order to align with long term goals should look up the work of Brian Bonar. This is one of the most important areas for any business and should be treated as such.

Business Leaders in Chicago Make It Easier to Do Business Here

Doing business in many parts of the world can take a great deal of time and effort. In some parts of the world, it can be harder to do so than in others. Those how want to do business in Chicago can be a lot easier than they might have imagined. They will also find that doing so can be ideal for their needs and aims. This part of the nation makes an ideal base for those who wish to expand into the entire Midwest. Doing business here is ideal for anyone who needs and wants to be part of a region that is likely to expand even more in the coming years as even more customers move here.

An entrepreneur who fully understands just how much doing business in this area is Majeed Ekbal. Ekbal has found that doing business in this part of the world is an ideal way to help get their needs met. His latest venture is designed to help it even easier to do business in this part of the world even when they are very busy with other areas of their own business ventures. Ekbal’s new business helps all people benefit who are doing business in this region of the nation.

The venture he has started is one that is focused on helping area Chicagoans have access to foods they can use to entertain at all times. He is able to deliver high quality items for anyone’s needs. His knowledge of the local area is vast. He knows where he can find nearly any kind of food item that anyone might want to use for their own personal needs or because they are going to entertain others in their house or their place of business. His expertise can help anyone locate a specific item they want to have to eat or to share with others. For a small fee, he will deliver the item to any place the customer has in mind.

This kind of devotion to service is why so many find that it is possible to do business in this region of the nation. They know they can count on leaders here to help them figure out the best way to do so and to make it easier than they had dared hope to do business here or to expand an existing business they happen to own in the metro Chicago area.

Hoq Diverse Is James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management?

Research into the world’s largest hedge funds will show how diverse these companies are, and James Dondero of Highland Capital Management has created a diverse company that manages over $20 billion of assets. One could look over the portfolio of the company and see thousands of companies that are used as investment vehicles. Each company represents a small portion of the investments made by HCM, and the companies that are at the top of the list represent millions of dollars in real investment capital. James Dondero has made his millions creating a diverse fund, and this article explains how far his search for diversity has gone.

#1: Read The List

Investors are free to read a list of stocks that are used as investments in the HCM hedge fund, and the list is quite long. Investors will see companies they have never heard of, and the list will show companies that are on the rise or are currently very stable. James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management is a diverse fund that has invested in thousands of companies to create a profitable fund.

#2: James Uses Credit Investments

James Dondero is a credit investment wizard, and he has been using credit investment tools since his days with American Express in the 1980s. There are many ways to make money on investments, and the credit investments that are made through Highland Capital Management are designed to help make the company as valuable possible. A great hedge fund is diverse because it uses as many tools as possible to invest, and James has trademarked some of the tools he has created for the investment business.

#3: The Company Is Invested In Real Estate

The NexBank and NexPoint parts of the Highland Capital Management company are used to invest real estate across the southern United States. Small communities that host middle and upper class families are under the management of the Highland Capital Management group, and those communities are improved to make them more attractive to potential buyers. The communities that James invests in are designed to host young families who are making good money, and he will continue to focus on those families are he invests in profitable real estate ventures.

#4: There Is A Bank

NexBank is the bank that was created by James to help manage some of his invests. He uses NexBank to help offer loans to businesses that are growing. Businesses that need infusions of cash can take out loans from HCM and NexBank, and the loans will help the businesses can pay back these loans with very low interest. James knows that he is making money on these loans, and these loans are helping companies improve their lot in life every year.

The Highland Capital Management team is designed to help the average investor who wants to make money from reliable investments. James Dondero has created a diverse fund that does everything from real estate to credit investments, and his fund is pushing past $20 billion in annual investments with such diversity.

Ricardo Guimaraes, Leading BMG in Offering Payroll Services

BMG is a Brazilian bank that is privately owned. The bank has been an active player in the Brazilian financial sector starting from as early as 1930. Ricardo Guimaraes, the president and owner, head the bank. He has served as the as chief executive officer and president of the BMG banking group since June 2004. Prior to holding his current position, Ricardo Guimaraes had served in various other positions within the Bank. He attended Una Faculdade de Ciencias where he graduated with a degree in business administration in 1988.
Ricardo Guimaraes is a model of how BMG bank treats its workers. The bank gives each employee time to explore his or her talents. BMG bank has a stringent way of recruiting its staff. The bank has proper procedures that have been laid down to ensure that it recruits only the best candidates to join its talented team. BMG has a good tradition of treating its employees as it views them as its greatest assets. Worker recognition has resulted in many people wanting to work in the bank. This strong tradition still runs deep in its organization culture.
BMG bank started its operations by the name Banco de Credito Pedial. At the time, it was providing products to individuals and institutions. Its core business dealt with wholesale and consumer financing. Later, the institution became a market leader in financing heavy and light automobiles. With the passage of time, BMG started offering other services like payroll loans. Today, the firm leverages on its payroll loans that continue to create a bigger market share for the firm in the market. This line of business was boosted in 2012 when the bank signed an association agreement with Itau Unibanco. The agreement augmented the commercialization and distribution of the service. In 2014, the two financial institutions signed yet another agreement to bring together the two businesses in order to focus more on the payroll loans operations as a joint venture.
The collaboration between BMG and Itau Unibanco has brought many benefits to BMG. The agreement has enabled BMG to focus more on other strategic products like Payroll credit and BMG Empresas. BMG Empresas is the arm of the bank that finances medium and large companies including suppliers that operate on a large scale as well as financing of used vehicles. Throughout its existence, BMG bank has managed to maintain excellent records of accomplishment with its operational efficiency and excellence in sales.