Peace and War with Diamonds

Who doesn’t love diamonds? They have a beautiful sparkle and suggest a high level of financial success. Since Ancient Rome, diamonds have been used as engagement rings to symbolize commitment as well as to indicate prosperity. Ancient Romans placed the diamond engagement ring on the left ring finger which they believed contained the vein of love or the vein that led directly to the heart. Diamond engagement rings demonstrate peace and love and reflect a formal agreement that a marriage will occur in the future. While engagement rings with other precious stones are purchased on occasion, diamonds are by far the most popular stone chosen. This may in part be due to the 1947 De Beers ad campaign.

During the Great Depression, diamond sales were dipping. In an article on purchasing a diamond was seen as a frivolous waste of money. De Beers sought to turn that around by hiring N.W. Ayer and Son Advertising Agency who took on the goal of creating “a situation where almost every person pledging marriage feels compelled to acquire a diamond engagement ring”. As a result of this goal, the slogan “A diamond is forever” came about. This continues to be De Beers’ slogan to this day and the sale of diamonds has enjoyed an uptick since this time.

There is no doubt that diamonds are dreamy, but one must keep in mind the sometimes horrible situations that have arisen as a result of the diamond trade, particularly in Africa. Blood diamonds or conflict diamonds are diamonds mined to support violence and War Lord Activity including purchasing guns and ammunition. Some diamond fields are mined by forced laborers, often children. The human rights abuses that sometimes occur in the mining of blood diamonds include torture, rape and murder. In 2001 the World Diamond Council put in place the Kimberley Process which determines origin and ownership of diamonds in an attempt to keep blood diamonds off the market. Currently only about one percent of diamonds on the market can be considered blood or conflict diamonds.

One man, Frans Schoeman, Director of Phatsima Diamond in Bellville, South Africa and a Business Law Attorney with over 20 years of practice, is determined to prove that diamond mining can be done in such a way to preserve the South African environment and support human rights. Phatsima Diamond uses precious stones such as diamonds, tanzanite, rubies, topaz, emeralds and pearls along with white or yellow gold, titanium, platinum or palladium to develop made to order jewelry. In addition to being the Director of Phatsima Diamond, Mr. Schoeman provides legal services to South African corporations in many areas including mining and environmental law. His focus is to better his community and the country of South Africa through a focus on human rights and sustainable diamond mining.

Lime Crime for Perfect Expression

If people to express themselves and have no apologies for the way they shine, then Lime Crime is the perfect cosmetics line. This makeup line revolves around girls (and boys) who love fashion, color, and expressing themselves to the fullest.

There are many different types of makeup and accessories through Lime Crime. For starters, their glitter collection is extensive and provides sealers and helpers to allow wearers to shine all day long without smudging or getting glitter everywhere. From hot pink to black, glitter is available in so many colors to help a person express themselves best.

Nail polish is another popular product that Lime Crime produces. Their nail polish is designed to last, and comes in hot hues that make anyone stand out in the crowd. Decals, gems, and other designs are available for a truly unique nail experience. Stripes, polka dots, and more can be created with the pastel hues from this makeup line that are sure to impress all polish lovers.

If lip gloss and lipstick is a person’s favorite makeup accessory, Lime Crime delivers here as well. Lipstick in neon green and light violet help dress up anyone’s quirky style. Shiny glosses (with or without glitter) help steal the show and make lips pop in a way that cannot be matched with any other product. A person can adorn their lips with lovely hues that make them feel delicious, and can pick a different color for every mood!

Eyeliner is more than dull black and brown that most people have grown accustomed to. Lime Crime takes style up a notch by offering hot hues that make eyes truly mesmerizing. Silver, neon green, and deep purple are just a few of the hues this company offers to their awaiting fans. The eyeliners glide on with ease and finish off any eclectic look.

Any person who loves to be on the edge of fashion and express themselves in a totally unique way can take advantage of the thrilling makeup and accessories that Lime Crime has to offer. Lime Crime is all about being unique and original, and the styles available through this brand are unlike any other.

Shaygan Kheradpir is changing the way people perceive business

Technology is one of the most important sectors of the business world today, and it is becoming increasingly important that business leaders have some knowledge about technology. The more knowledge one has about technology on, the more capable of making high quality decisions the business leader will be. One of the smartest and most knowledgeable people about technology in the world of business today is Shaygan Kheradpir.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, but he grew up in Iran, which gave him an international perspective on the world of business. As a child he had the opportunity to attend high school in Switzerland. He excelled in school, and he was able to earn his way into one of the greatest schools in the United States, Cornell University.

Shaygan excelled at Cornell from the start. He was seeking his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and he did quite well. He then went on to get his Master’s degree and his Ph.D in the same field from Cornell. These degrees gave Shaygan Kheradpir a wonderful background in technology, which would change his career forever.

Shaygan began his career at GTE technologies. At this company he served in a wide variety of different roles, including helping with management, network routing, and control. He worked hard on a daily basis, and he eventually earned his way into the role as Chief Information officer. Working at this company gave him a wonderful background in business leadership, which would help him move up the corporate ladder quickly and easily.

GTE eventually would merge with Bell Atlantic, and would then merge with Verizon. Shaygan Kheradpir stayed with the company, and he was quickly slotted in as the President of the e-commerce division. He excelled in this position, and he eventually earned a role as Chief Technology Officer for Verizon. While at Verizon, Shaygan had an extremely large impact on the company. The company moved into a broad range of different communications fields, which ultimately made the company one of the most powerful companies in the communications industry.

Shaygan was one of the hottest names in the world of business throughout the 2000s, and today he is a free agent looking for his next big project. He has lead several companies, and he left an amazing imprint on every company he worked with.

One of the biggest reasons why Shaygan has had such a successful career is the fact that he has worked incredibly hard, and he has a thorough understanding of both business, and technology. This knowledge allowed him to take the proper actions whenever necessary, and it gave him the opportunity to know exactly what he was talking about when negotiating contracts for the companies he worked for.

The world of business is becoming increasingly connected to the world of technology, and businesses need leaders that know a great deal of knowledge about the world of business. One of the most technologically sound people in the world of business is Shaygan Kheradpir, he has left an amazing impression on the business community.

Joseph Bismark and QI Group Receives Recognition from UN Global Compact


There is an organization with in the UN called the UN Global Compact. They were formed to ensure that businesses around the world maintain ethical standards and global sustainability. In other words, they make sure that people aren’t subjected to unfair labor, or forced to do things that slave labor basically does.

Of course, this is a continuing problem. There are major corporations that are caught doing this every day, and the UN is trying to do something about it. The UN Global Compact recognizes companies that are operating in high standing with the principles of the compact.

One company, the QI Group was recently recognized by for their outstanding practices. The QI Group is an entity of companies that operate in 30 countries around the world. They operate in areas such as health care, weight management, high-end luxury items and more. The company has been known to be very forward thinking when it comes to how they treat their employees, and operate as a company in whole. They have even developed an entire branch of the company dedicated to social responsibility.

The UN Global Compact recently gave an award to the QI Group for their outstanding work in global corporate responsibility. The award recognizes companies that lead the field in curtailing anticorruption, promoting and maintaining fair labor, and human rights. The Managing Director for the group, Joseph Bismark was there to accept the award on behalf of the QI Group.

Bismark’s background is unique, to say the least. When he was nine, he left his home in the Philippines, and a very upper-class existence to live and study with a group of monks in a remote mountain range. He stayed there for eight years, learning and gleaning from the experience. He returned to civilization at the age of 17, and promptly went into business. He utilized the spiritual teachings that he obtained from the monks, and applied it to his business dealings. He became very successful and back in 2008, he joined the QI Group. He now works as their Managing Director.

Bismarck maintains his success came through his understanding of the spiritual side of his being. He says that he understands that we are only here for a short time, and the most important thing in life is how we deal with people. Bismarck has maintained that people are the most valuable asset to the business, and they should be treated with dignity, love and respect, and those principles comes first before making money.

The award from the UN Global Compact is a great honor from an organization that is recognized worldwide for humanitarian causes. The QI Group has a long history from its start that is steeped in human dignity, recognizing from its inception the role that companies need to play in the world stage. The award is just another indication of how much QI Group is influencing other corporate entities around the world.

On a side note: there was a very interesting write up on all of this on Yahoo Finance that you can read here: Another Big Name in QI’s Closet

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Eucatex’s Long Term Development Plans

Eucatex was established during the year 1951 in Brazil. It was the principal company in Brazil to venture in acoustic comfort and the environment, through the use of the eucalyptus trees as raw materials to make ceilings and other panels. Fiberboard industrial unit the initial mill that used eucalyptus raw materials was inaugurated in Salto three years later after the establishment of the company. Production of soft boards was the first activity that Eucatex Company was involved in. Eventually, the company started producing panels and ceiling tiles. Eucatex managed to install its first representative offices at Buenos Aires and Brazilian capitals. This company started exporting its products to Europe after the production capacity increased to hundred tons per day.

Eucatex came up with an expansion plan during the year 1980 after it started a hard board mill in Salto and the Metal industrial Unit which was located in Barueri. More representative offices were opened in Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Holland. Production of paint to coat the company’s products was also produced during this period. The company maintained its supply of raw materials through its investment in land and reforestation, which made itself reliance. Eucatex split its production into four categories, which included; metallic, wood, mineral and forestry. Development of Eucatex laboratories came after the inauguration of a factory which was based at Salto in the year 1994. High-technology products and mechanical resistance products were produced during the year 2010, after the Eucatex Company installed its industrial facility in Salto. Eucatex currently exports its products to over thirty seven countries.

Mr. Flavio Maluf the Eucatex chief executive officer has been the head of this company since year 2005. Maluf the Eucatex president serves as chairman to the Eucatex board. He is a graduate from the New York University having graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Maluf has been working at this company for the last twenty-eight years in different departments. Flavio in well conversant with the Eucatex operations from the great experience he has gained during the time he has been working there. Maluf was elevated to the executive board by his uncle who was the company president by then. He managed to initiate a modernized processing of operations for the company as well coming up with an interactive management format in the company. Maluf focuses on the goals of Eucatex Company through mobilizing people who work for the success of the company at different company levels.

Skout’s Recent Surveys

Skout is a world-leading application that is intended to enhance socialization among different people in the world. The company was founded in 2007 with its headquarters in San Francisco. It helps new people to meet and expands the social circle, and connection of individuals. Its subscribers are known as the Skouters. Skout subscribers are situated in more 180 countries, and it is also available in at least 14 different languages.

One of its recent activities includes a survey, which was done by reviewing its 12-month-data among 18-24-year-old adults using the application. The survey was aimed at revealing the country’s friendliest college towns where the young adults were engaging more frequently with their friends through Skout application. In the category of the friendliest, the studied college towns were merited as follows:
I. Madison, Wisconsin
II. Los Angeles, California
III. New York City
IV. Ann Arbor, Michigan
V. Chicago, Illinois
VI. San Francisco, California
VII. Boulder, Colorado
VIII. Phoenix, Arizona
IX. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
X. Dallas, Texas

Additionally, Skout data also revealed that Boston, an America’s college town with at least 100 colleges and University, was ranked as number 12 on Skout’s friendliest college list. Boulder, Colorado has the friendliest college-age guys in America while Madison, Wisconsin top on the same in the women category. At least to the survey, the most generous college-age adults in the US are found in Los Angeles. It was observed that in Los Angeles alone, the rate at which young adults Skouters shared more visual gifts with friends. It outweighed the rate at which these gifts are shared by their counterparts in Boston, Chicago Dallas, and Miami combined.

Through his remarks, the co-founder, and CEO Christian Wiklund noted that it was fun looking at the revelations of the data taken from our community. He went ahead to recommend the Skouters from Madison, Wisconsin for leading the list of the friendliest college in town in the US.

Another survey recently conducted by the Skout team in August 2015 on over 2500 subscribers who are college students aged between 18-24 years across the US observed that:-
I. 57 percent of college students pointed out that it was easier to make friends in college than it is in high school.
II. 59 percent of them found it difficult to make friends during their freshman years.
III. 72 percent said that they met their good friends within a week of being on campus.
When it comes to the place where most of them met their friends:-
I. 75 percent of met in classroom
II. 42 percent in parties
III. 39 percent during orientation
IV. 34 percent online
V. Dorm (36 percent)
VI. Cafeteria (35 percent)
VII. Sports teams (28 percent)
VIII. Library (27 percent).

When asked whether roommates make good friends, 73 percent said that they consider their roommates good friends. On the issue of who is friendlier between coeds and male students, 61 percent were for the female. 37 percent of the students started college with an existing friend or acquaintance.

The article was originally reported by PR Newswire. For more insights on the above infographics visit

Premier Plastic Surgeon Jennifer Walden Helps People Be Healthier

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly skilled plastic surgeon. However, her career involves much more than simply being a plastic surgeon. She has single-handedly spearheaded a great deal of the industry itself and she works tirelessly to ensure that people who are born with cosmetic deformities or that suffer from traumatic injuries which cause these types of deformities can go on to live normal lives. There are a number of ways that she works to achieve her goals. First and foremost, she received very intense training as she was coming up through the ranks in her industry and she passes that training all along through her tremendous skill. She is now a board certified plastic surgeon and she is also an authority on many pioneering techniques that are designed to help individuals look and feel their best.

Dr. Walden understands that some people come to a plastic surgeon because they have some perceived issue with their body that is causing them to have a lack of self confidence. People cannot truly be healthy when they experience this type of deficit in their self confidence, so it is important to help people look their best so that they can go out and achieve everything that they have ever dreamed of achieving in the world. In addition, she is equally adept at helping people who are suffering from some type of cosmetic deformity that impacts their lives from a physical standpoint, such as those individuals with cleft lips or other similar types of issues.

She works tirelessly to teach other people how to become accomplished plastic surgeons, as well as educating people about the importance of seeing patients in a different light. She fully understands that the best cosmetic surgeons understand the bigger picture and they see every aspect of a patient, not just the particular problem that they have come to her for. She works hard to teach the same types of traits to other individuals so that they too can pass that information on to patients and help benefit of a larger part of the community. She also gives a number of lectures and has even written a textbook on the subject so that other people can learn as effectively as possible.

Dr. Walden is also a philanthropist who truly cares about her community and works extremely hard to ensure that everyone in the community has the best opportunity for success that they can possibly have. She uses her skills in medicine to help people who are suffering from different deformities, but are unable to spend the money necessary to receive surgery. She also works to help ensure that everyone in her community is well fed and that they always have access to food that is nutritious as opposed to indulging in junk food because that is the only thing that is available to them. She truly understands that the only way to be healthy is to approach health from every possible aspect as opposed focusing solely on one aspect or the other. Perhaps that is what makes her such an outstanding cosmetic surgeon in the first place.


There are lots of inside secrets to doing your makeup. Some have been well-hidden in the industry, up until now. Well now these secrets are yours. Some come directly from Doe herself. If you are interested in gaining the inside track on your makeup, follow us down below.


Doe Deere on ideamensch is someone you need to get to know. She has been in the industry for many years. She built her business from the ground up. She knows what she is talking about. You can find her on the web. Go find her on Twitter. Send her a message. She is someone who will gladly give you some advice.


This is one of those best-kept secrets. Use a spoon to help apply the mascara; especially, when going to the lower lids. This is trick that are the makeup artists use in the industry. It helps to achieve a thicker coat. Your lashes won’t look as messy when you do this either.


Blush is something that will add more contour to your face. As I have said before, this is a hit or miss. Some prefer not to use it, while others do. If you do like blush, pick a color that matches. It needs to match your skin color and structure. The idea behind blush is to accentuate your features, nothing more. It’s also there to lessen the impact of your more dominant features. It’s there to give a healthy balance.


This is one of the industry’s best kept secrets. This really does work. Just use it under the eyes. It’s perfect for those looking to apply shadows and eyeliner. It also works for those looking to apply mascara. It leaves less of a mess. You also get a cleaner, more balanced look. The best time to use the tape is when you are trying to do “cat eyes.” This is not an easy look to achieve. This is why the scotch tape works well.


Let’s be honest. We all get the puff, baggy eyes every so often. This happens when we of not get a great deal of sleep. The best thing is not to hide it, but disguise it. How can you do this? It’s simple. Highlight the crease in the eye. Apply a dark shade of shadow to the puffy area. This will keep it down. It will not be as noticeable to yourself or others. This is good trick to do if you are going out. It will hide the fact you are only going on two hours of sleep.


This works with eyes too. The lighter shades are supposed to be used in three areas:

1)The inner eye
2)The middle
3)Just under the brow bone

As in the shadows, apply the lighter shades first. This is your creams, whites and pearls. Apply the darker shades after. This will give a balance. It will also give highlights to the parts of the eye you want.


America’s Best Entrepreneur

America’s most power entrepreneur, Ken Griffin, encourages high profile individuals to employ Citadel’s investment strategies. Known for his renowned expertise in managing this
prominent firm, Griffin seeks to share the company’s proprietary financial approaches with prospective clients across the globe. Because most clients maintain unique goals and expectations regarding their investment portfolio, Citadel offers an extensive selection of customizable services. Most prominently, this prestigious firm strives to continually scale their expertise, talent, and capital to achieve performance across all business areas.

In order to manage a wide range of investment services, Griffin employed his business skills and techniques he acquired from his Harvard dorm room on Moreover, during his sophomore year at this leading institution, he launched a small hedge fund which specialized in convertible bond arbitrage. With $265,000 in capital, he sought to acquire real-time market data from a satellite link to his room. Remarkably, this investment approached ultimately helped preserve capital after the 1987 stock market crash. Essentially, his early financial success encouraged him to develop Citadel shortly after he graduated from Harvard in 1990.

Citadel’s customizable investment strategies offer many market opportunities for investors. Notably, the professionals at this well-known firm are skilled in adapting and adjusting their clients’ portfolios in order to position themselves for the most lucrative opportunities. Currently, Citadel maintains financial approaches specializing in equities, commodities, fixed income and macro, credit, and quantitative strategies. Remarkably, their services were developed by the most knowledgeable teams who employed former researched and multiple perspectives to create the best investment solutions.

Commendably, Griffin’s goal is to share Citadel’s diverse financial services with prospective clients worldwide. Essentially, their thoroughly researched investment approaches are meticulously designed to adhere to an individual’s unique investment needs. Notably, Citadel’s highly experienced employees are skilled in composing a customizable portfolio which balances risk in order to improve overall performance. Most prominently, their well-proven investment strategies are fueled by talented professionals, advance quantitative analysis, and a proprietary technology platform.

Citadel’s unprecedented financial success is directly influenced by Griffin’s profound leadership approach. Throughout his twenty year career, he has received much recognition for his business expertise. Since 2003, he has appeared many times in Forbes 400 as CEO of Citadel. In fact, at the age of 34, he was acknowledged as the youngest businessman on the list. The following year, Fortune Magazine ranked Griffin as the eighth richest American under 40. In 2006, he was listed as the fifth youngest of the seven professionals who were under 40 on the Forbes 400. Remarkably, this past year, Griffin’s net worth was approximately $5.5 billion.

Citadel has also received many awards for their continual success in investment management. In March 2015, the firm was regarded as a Top 10 Great Workplaces according to the Great Place to Work Institute. Essentially, the Citadel professionals greatly appreciated Griffin’s collaborative work environment in addition to the employee benefits such as free lunch, exercise programs, museum tours, and personal gifts.

Personal Finance Basics


Personal finance is one of the most important subjects for anyone to learn. However, there are few people that have truly mastered the subject as a whole. There are many reasons that it is important for people to understand the basics of personal finance. Too many people go through life without a plan for their money. At the end of their life, they look up and realize that they have not accumulated any wealth over time. This should not be the case for the vast majority of people living in the United States. In the past, there was very little information for people that wanted to learn how to improve their personal finances. However, investment banks like Highland Capital are changing that. James Dondero founded the company many years ago, and he always had a vision to help as many people as possible with their personal finances over time. Here are several reasons why Highland Capital is so successful and several things that anyone can put in to practice to win with their finances.

Invest for the Future

One of the first steps to build wealth over time is to invest in the future. There are many people that only live in the present. They attempt to spend as much money as they can on things that only bring them joy for a couple of days. However, these are the same people that will go through life without accumulating any sort of real wealth. If a person starts early in life, it can make a huge difference on their total wealth if they will invest early and often. This is why it is so important for people to understand basics in personal finance. The more people understand, the more likely they will be to make wise financial decisions.

James Dondero

James Dondero of nexbank is the founder and CEO of Highland Capital. He has been very successful in serving his customers over a long period of time by offering high returns and advice on personal finance. There are few people in the industry that have been as successful as he has in helping people with their money. This is one of the biggest reasons why Highland Capital is growing so fast to this day.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Highland Capital is a great investment bank that cares about its customers. Personal finance is a complex subject that many people simply do not understand. James Dondero always had a dream to help make this subject easy to understand. Through Highland Capital, he has been able to serve the core customer base by educating them on the basics of personal finance and how to succeed over the long term.