How to Gain From Medicare Advantage Plans

Every country desires the best healthcare for its citizens. Across the world, United States has stood as the leading nation with the best healthcare services. For those who are 65 years and above, they are prone to different diseases and thus Medicare is a plan to help counter challenges of paying hospital bills. For the children with kidney failure or even transplant, they can also subscribe to the Medicare. With the desire to get custom services, Medicare Advantage Plans is fit to offer people the benefits they may not have experienced with the Original Medicare.

How it Works

It is an insurance plan offered by private companies and still covering the Part A and Part B. Sometimes it is called the ‘Plan C’ or ‘MA plans’ because it offers an extra benefit unlike the Original Medicare. A person will pay monthly premiums to the company providing insurance services. Each plan works different depending on the kind of quality service provision the insurance company wants to achieve. It covers all the health services and only hospice care is not taken care of. This means any person despite their condition they can subscribe to the service and enjoy quality healthcare.

Patients who require urgent care are offered the perfect service. People who are caught in an emergency situation, which demand adequate medical care, they are assured of perfect and timely care. It also goes beyond the normal package to offer insurance for vision, wellness, hearing and dental care. Medical prescription is also offered and it is regarded as Part D. If you are not sure of any kind of service, make a written request to get clarifications from your service provider.

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InnovaCare Health Services

Medicare Advantage Plus companies are many but only few will satisfy you. One of such, satisfaction oriented companies is InnovaCare Health. It has redefined management of the service through innovative networks and creative solutions. InnovaCare Health provides sustainable plans and affordable models. Over the years, it has provided solutions through two Medicare Advantage Plans with over 200,000 members. In Puerto Rico it provides PMC Medical Choice plus MMM Healthcare enjoying service provision by 7,500 experts.

At InnovaCare, customers come first with a cordial relationship between the specialist and the client. Transparency also works best with a high level of team work to help achieve the vision of the health company. This has been possible through the leadership of Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President. With Chief Executive Officer plus the Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Through their able leadership, the company has provided creative solutions to complex problems. This means redefining the service provision making it patient oriented. All the complex solutions are also solved through research and creativity of the highly skilled professionals.

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Senior Vice President Lands Prestigious Appointment

Dallas, TX’s regional bank, NexBank, has garnered a lot of press thanks to an industry honor awarded to one of its top executives. The company’s Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending has been named to a very important and prestigious position outside the financial institution. Yahoo! Finance is reporting Mary Pirrello has been named President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association. Pirrello will serve in the role for a one-year period ending in 20170

NexBank’s Mary Pirrello Appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

Pirrello’s industry experience spans two decades. She has worked with the TMBA dating back to 2007 so she is very qualified to act as the entity’s president. The TMBA has been in operation for roughly 100 years. Over that lengthy time period, the firm has greatly contributed to the mortgage banking and real estate industry.

NexBank has also contributed a lot to the industry. NexBank is involved in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking meaning the bank is able to meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

The company is not a new one. NexBank was first founded in 1922. Over the course of that time, the bank has consistently served the communities its offices have been located. Online banking options allow the bank to help people who are all over the world.

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The Skin Lightening Benefits of Makari

For the best company that specializes in beauty care and natural skin, Makari is the place to visit. This unique beauty company specializes in all types of skin that come from countries and cultures around the world. These skin products specifically address the unique needs of both men and women who have skin of different colors and who have the desire to use a skin lightening cream. Some of the other products other than the skincare products include products for hair-care as well as cosmetic products. Every single product is designed to match the individual customer perfectly and to provided the best results. Unlike many other products, Makari uses all natural products that are guaranteed to not only cover blemishes, present smooth skin, but also actually heals the skin in the process. Makari products are guaranteed to clear the skin of any stretch marks, dark spots, or even acne marks. As a company, Makari truly caters to the desires of the customer but their most popular product is the skin whitening cream.

The ingredients that are used to make this high quality brand include natural products that include Argan Oil, Carrot Oil, and even caviar. Each one of these ingredients nourishes the skin as well as increases the hydration of the skin. Rather than feeling cracked skin that has become dry and coarse, Makari products instantly transform the skin to become soft and replenished. Makari, the company, has become a customer oriented company that truly wants the honest opinion of every single customer that buys these products. As an international company, Makari has every intention of continuing the growth of the company into the future.

Makari is a brand name that was created in Switzerland, a country that is known for selling products that go above and beyond whenever it comes to quality. The products have continued to undergo scientific scrutiny in order to continue perfecting this product to be perfect for the consumers. Makari also promises that there are absolutely no harmful chemicals added to this product which can often compromise the soft and delicate skin of individuals of different colors. Makari has been proven to have no harmful side effects whatsoever to the skin or to the hair and makeup.

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FreedomPop Offers Several Great Services To Their Customers

A person who’s never had cell phone service may be surprised to learn that it costs a lot less than it used to. If a person with no current cell phone service is shopping around, then some of the lower end prices for unlimited phone service may be around $50 or more. It may be hard to believe, but FreedomPop is a company that has cell phone service for only $20 per month, and the service is completely unlimited. With FreedomPop’s unlimited service, it’s possible to make all the phone calls necessary, use the text messages as necessary, and the data is also unlimited as well.

Those who want 4G data through FreedomPop will get 1 GB of 4G data with the unlimited plan, but they still get unlimited data, even after the 4G data has been used. There are not many companies that can even come close to the price that FreedomPop charges for their services, but no one has a price as low as FreedomPop. The best thing about FreedomPop is also the fact that there is no contract, which many people are sick of. Many are forced to sign a contract, which then ties them to a cell phone company for years.

Using FreedomPop for unlimited cell phone service is the wisest choice, especially if a person doesn’t want to be tied to a company with a contract. Those who want reliable service will also win when they choose FreedomPop’s $20 unlimited plan because there are very few dropped calls and clear call quality. Many people seem to feel that a cell phone company that charges a lower price for their services must be unreliable, but FreedomPop proves this to be a myth. FreedomPop offers excellent coverage as well as service through the Sprint network, so no one has to worry about the service they are using.

Everyone should be allowed to leave a cell phone company if they choose to, especially if they find a lower price with the same great service, such as the services given by FreedomPop. Even if a person isn’t looking for cell phone service alone, they can still be accommodated with FreedomPop’s services. Those who need Internet services in their home or even Wi-Fi service that connects through a hotspot can find it at FreedomPop. It’s possible to have great cell phone service, Wi-Fi service, and home Internet service with FreedomPop.

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Securus Helps Us Make Prison Calls Easily

We have been trying to expand out ministry, and the only way to make things better was to sign up with an account from Securus. Securus America is a great company that has an app that all of us can use. We have been making calls on the app for a while, and we are very pleased with how simple it has been to use. We wanted to make sure that we could get in touch with all the inmates we knew, and Securus made it easy because they have actually set up a video calling platform.

I learned from PR Newswire that if someone who wants to make calls to a jail can download the app easily, and then anyone will be able to get in one the calls. I like this program because it gives us a look at the people that we are talking to, and we can give real reports on the people that we see. We have to know what is going on with the people we talk to, and we want to use that information to help. The ministry that we run is a great thing for all the inmates, and it is a very fun place for them to go when they want to dream about the future.

There are a lot of us who are committed to the system, and we want to make sure that we can talk to as many people as possible. We want to be sure that we can talk to all the inmates that we started with, and we can talk to them easily even if they need to chat. The jails have cooperated, and the jails have made it so that everyone can call in just like we are. We think that this benefits everyone including the families that have loved ones in jail. For more info on Securus, visit PR Newswire’s website.

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Talk Fusion: Leader in Video Marketing Solutions

Talk Fusion launches its newest video product, the WebRTC Recorder. The WebRTC Recorder is a browser-based real-time communication video product the enables users to record high-quality videos using Talk Fusion’s Video Email and Video Newsletter products. This enhanced video quality allows for instant recording, faster playback, and seamless synchronization. This product also works well with Chrome or Firefox browsers. This newest product is a great tool to use for your business as it allows you to connect with your customers on a real-time basis.

If you are interested in trying out this newest product, or any of the other video products available, Talk Fusion is offering a 30-day free trial. Users will be able to have full access to all of Talk Fusion’s products without using a credit card. Creating a video is simple, as you just have to go to the Talk Fusion Product Dashboard and click on the “webcam” recording option .
Talk Fusion is the world’s first all-in-one video marketing solution. They are ahead of the game when it comes to connecting with customers. Talk Fusion offers innovative video products such as Video Chat, Video Email, Live Meetings, and Video Newsletters. You can use all of these products to better your relationships with customers and keep them coming back to your business. You can use these videos to market your products, promote upcoming sales, and even send out a video thank you message after a customer purchases a product. Whatever you use these products for, that extra step really makes the difference in customer satisfaction.

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, strongly believes in giving back to friends and family, communities, and animal shelters. With Talk Fusion’s products, Bob hopes that this mission shows through all of the accessible products Talk Fusion has to offer. These products are user friendly, affordable, and work on all mobile devices. Try out the 30-day free trial and see if your sales increase and your business gets noticed. Talk Fusion guarantees you will be happy and that you will have more customers coming back on a frequent basis.

Image Recognition: the Innovation of Slyce

Imagine the world where anything you see can be yours in a matter of moments. You see a beautiful pair of shoes on someone and wonder where the shoes came from. The only problem is that this person has no idea because the shoes were a gift. Checkmate right? All your dreams are shattered. That’s where Slyce comes in. This handy little application for Android and iOS allows you to quickly and easily snap a photo of any clothing item; in turn, being sent directly to a website where the item can be purchased. Slyce isn’t limited to locating that elusive shoe. The application can be used to find new places to shop; for collecting coupons to buy those new found items at a cheaper price; it can even be used to make a photo list of items to purchase for the fridge. If that’s not futuristic, I don’t know what is.

Alphabet (formerly Google) utilizes this software in it’s Google search engine. The premise is that by snapping a photo using the camera on the visual search engine it then scans the image, giving you relevant information compiled from similar images. I’ve had some time to use this in the past and it’s a fairly impressive feature, other than the fact that most people don’t have a camera on their computer that snaps photos well. Using the feature involves taking the photo with a separate device, either by way of a camera or cell phone, waiting until you’re home to save that image to your computer, finally uploading the image using the browser. Unless of course you want to use the front-facing camera on your computer.

Innovation is the name of their game and at the forefront is image recognition. We see it implemented in cell phones, computers, and security systems that deploy this technology in the form of facial scanning. How it works: you take a picture of your face and using one of three imaging techniques; traditional, 3-D recognition, or texture analysis, the image is stored on the device. Only an image matching the dimensions of the original will allow access to the system. Companies like Apple, Adobe and Sony utilize this software only going as far as facial recognition. That’s cool and all but Slyce definitely has leaped ahead when it comes to this technology. 

Securus Outs Wrongdoings of GTL to Protect Industry

Securus, one of the leading correctional communications companies in the US, has announced on PR Newswire it will release articles, facts, and other reports that will show wrongdoing on behalf of another correctional communications company, Global Tel Link. These wrong doings include integrity breaches, which could cause problems for the company. Many people’s private information is secured within the company’s servers.
CEO of Securus America made sure to release a statement that it is not about profit. Securus has made a point of being a company with a high reputation, securing an A+ with BBB. The CEO stated how it offended him that the reputation of that company could bring other company’s integrity into question. That is the reason they are outing their wrong deeds.

The first of many reports is from the Louisiana Public Service Commission when Global Tel Link was the service provider for the Louisiana Department of Communications. These allegations were from 1998, which are being brought up now due to recent ones to follow. Some of the accusations include adding minutes to calls, charge more for calls than allowed by rate caps, and/ or double bill a customer for these calls. Securus and the public agencies involved find these reports disturbing, because they break the trust of families who want to connect with their locked up loved ones.

Securus is a leading company in correctional communications and information technology. They are committed to offering the highest quality product and ensuring that each customer, a jail, an inmate, or a family, are served with the best of service.
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Benefits of Online Reputation Management for Your Business


A business that has no online presence is hardly any business at all. Internet use has not only become a necessity that cannot be overlooked but also a requirement for any organization that would like to be taken seriously both by their customers and their competitors. Besides building a sturdy customer base for your business, online marketing is one of the cheapest ways of ensuring fast steady growth for businesses of all sizes. However, it could also sound the death knell for your business and kill it within a short period. Remember, your customers are always watching you. A single step in the wrong direction and you are on your way out. Therefore, Online Reputation Management is an invaluable tool in keeping the credibility of your business at the top level.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

According to research by HelpScout, around 24 percent of Americans give their feedback online about a product or service they have bought. It has become common practice for potential buyers to go through this feedback before putting their money on a product or service. If the reviews are favorable, you are sure to get more sales. However, for every one negative feedback, the damage is five-fold. You need to fix bad reviews.

On-Line Word Of Mouth Communication

When people share their experiences about a product online, it could mean the growth or the end of your brand. Potential buyers are more likely to take the advice of family and friends before making a choice of the product or service to purchase. In turn, they continue the cycle by spreading the same message to other family members and friends and eventually you fix bad search results.

It Has a World-Wide Reach

The internet surpasses international borders. Keep in mind that your products and services reach people far away from where you are. Therefore, think about it as international business however small it is. To fix bad online reputation is a great way of ensuring its growth.

Affects Your Personal Life

The impact of your business’ online reputation can go to the extent of becoming personal. For instance, if it is negative, you could find yourself in a tight financial corner after the downfall of your business which, if it happens, is fast and ruthless and you need internet reputation repair. On the hand, if it is positive, you feel the benefits even in your personal life due to increased wealth.

While overwhelming negative feedback can be devastating, there is an excellent way to fix my online reputation. The Search Fixers’ reputation management services can clear out any negative content about your business as well as upgrade your image and restore your reputation to former glory. The best part is the small cost of repairing your reputation compared to the crippling price of a collapsed business.

Securus Technologies, Revolutionizing Public Safety and Incarceration Experience

Securus Technologies started this year with a bang after they released a new upgrade for their technological solutions that is geared toward improving inmates’ communications. Securus Technologies is the leading civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider. The company has revolutionized public safety and incarceration experience. Thousands of law enforcement and public safety agencies rely on secures to provide reliable and robust technology solutions.

Learn more about Securus:

Securus has demonstrated a commitment to providing high-tech software solutions ranging from connecting incarcerated people with friends and families, connecting inmate to technology, connecting correctional facilities, and connecting dots for investigation leads. Currently, Securus Technologies serve more than 3,400 correction and law enforcement agencies and over 1.2 million inmates in Unites State.

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The firm according to‘s review features regional offices in Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. Securus have been serving corrections industry for more than three decades in 48 States and is the number one innovator in the industry. It has more than 140 patents and about 90 pending.

The firm also features the largest team of Linked In tech experts, engineers, designers, technologist, and thinkers in the industry coupled by more than 1,300 associates nationwide. Securus has more than 2,200 installations for its Secure Call Platform (SCP) making it the largest platform in the industry. According to the company website, the firm reinvests more than $19 million back into the company per year. This has enabled the company to experience progressive growth and stay ahead of securities solution curve.

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Securus Technologies emphasize on its motto to serve and connect. Thus, the company is always looking for ways to connect its clients while upholding the company vision of making the world a safe place. Through Securus Technologies Secure Video Visitation TM, the company has considerably reduced the inconvenience incarceration and significantly improves inmates experience by helping them share beautiful moments with family and friends.